Rick and Morty: Everything We Know About The Evil Morty Before Going Into Season 5

Despite having one of Rick and Morty’s oldest plots, little is known about the origins of the evil Morty, including his official name. While their behavior appears to stem from their hatred of Rick on Earth C-137, their shared history is still unknown. Evil Morty is not entirely a mystery. He is cunning, charismatic and smarter than many of Rick who lives in the series’ endless world. This is all we know about the sinister Morty variant which enters season 5 of Rick and Morty. Evil Morty was first introduced in the first season of “Rick’s Kind of Close Rick Counter” and managed to frame the Earth Rick C-137 in order to murder Rick in another universe, resulting in the scientist being arrested by the Rick Committee.

Although the plan to kill Rick and unload his brain contents ultimately failed, he managed to escape the influence of the evil Rick executing the plan, and Rick was secretly controlled by the Evil blindfold. Morty. At the end of this episode, he left the planet disguised as the kidnapped Morty. “Turn off the Rick type Rick meter” shows Morty’s complete ignorance about Rick and Morty’s life, as he prepares to expel both of them to achieve his goals. His ability to create complex stories is outstanding and more successful than the most intelligent people in the world. Evil Morty also says something different. He was not anxious and frustrated, and the sound was cool and distant. Evil Morty tried to destroy the Rick C-137 for several reasons. At the end of the incident, Rick said, “Buster Brown, don’t wear too much clothing for your moccasins. The proud Morty will cause a great deal of trouble. This can be a big deal for anyone. One thing is bad. After taking a break  in season 2, Evil Morty won the crown in “The History of the Castle” in Season 3. In this episode, the evil Morty defeated a large group of Rick and Morty with a powerful and imperious speech of unity and equality. The History of the Castle also highlights the cruelty of the evil Morty, who managed to survive a near-death shootout to achieve his goal.

At the end of this episode, Evil Morty built Evil Rick, showing off his talent for invention which is comparable to that of Rick’s C-137. The classicism of Evil Morty was discussed in the fourth season of “Never Rick Morty”. It can show a different universe where Rick and Evil Morty confront. In this possible alternate reality, Morty, blindfolded, is accompanied by an unidentified person similar to Mr. Evil. Rick is from the first season. Although the lord of the story claimed it was “the end of the story,” his early concept was questionable as classic, especially as characters like Tammy were eliminated later this season. Evil Morty’s two fully standardized appearances are also surprising, and this type of disclosure is easier to predict. A small detail in “Never Ricking Morty” also suggests that the evil Morty may put off his plan to kill Earth Rick C-137.

As president of The Citadel of Ricks, Evil Morty could easily compete with Rick in Rick’s territory where the inventor had purchased the historic train. In addition, Rick showed apathy in the fight against the authorities until they interfered with his plan, and Evil Morty patiently pursued his goals. While their next showdown is still unknown, the mention of the Citadel suggests the evil Morty will likely be alive in Season 5 of Rick and Morty.


Rick and Morty are voiced by Justin Rowland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammar and Sarah Jock. Season 5 premieres on Sunday, June 20 at 22: 00/11. ET / PT

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