Rick And Morty Season 4 : Meta Premiere Gets Covid 19 Reference

After a five-month hiatus, Rick and Morty returned for a fourth season. The show went full meta in the midseason premiere. Episode six of the show is titled “Never Ricking Morty.” It aired this Sunday on May 3rd, 2020. Moreover, the episode references the ongoing pandemic of the COVID 19, which baffled the viewers. Proceed with caution, spoilers ahead!

What The Episode Was About

Rick and Morty’s super meta episode referenced COVID 19 and critiqued consumer culture. The duo finds themselves stuck on a train that is never-ending (even this is a meta literary device!).

At the end of episode six, the viewers are told that the train is actually a toy that Morty bought for his grandpa, Rick. After a while, what is happening inside makes the train gets derailed. Morty offers to replace the train and says, “I’m sorry, Rick. I guess I’ll return it”. Rick replies to Morty and says, “Buy another one, Morty. Consume Morty. Nobody’s out there consuming with this f*@king virus!”.

Fan’s Reaction To The Episode

Fans were waiting for the premiere after the five-month hiatus and got more than they could have asked for. The viewers of the show were astounded and were not expecting the reference of COVID.

The reference caught the viewers off guard and shocked all the fans. One of the fans took to Twitter and tweeted, “Wait, this was about the coronavirus? How f*@king fast do they write and create episodes?”.

There Might Be Fewer Waits In The Season 4

There Might Be Fewer Waits In The Season 4
Season 4 of Rick and Morty will have fewer waits

Chris Parnell, Jerry’s voice actor, said in a recent interview that there might be fewer waits in this season of Rick and Morty. Parnell said, “[Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland] wanted some job security, and they wanted to know that the show was going to be around for a while so that they and the writers could get into some sort of momentum.”

Chris Parnell stated, “We’ll see less lengthy breaks between seasons going forward because of that.” and further added, “it’s very gratifying to know we’re going to have all those episodes. Hopefully, Jerry will be around for the duration. You never know.”

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Source: Comicbook, RadioTimes

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