Robert Downey, Jr. Distances Himself From Famous Iron Man Role

Robert Downey Jr. brought his Iron Man role to an end in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. After playing the character of Tony Stark for the past ten years, any person would seem inseparable from the personalities they play. For Downey, though it’s never been this way. He has often tried to split the individual performing the role from the personality many followers recognise him for. In a new meeting with THR Downey explained that early it would’ve been easy for the two to come to be the very same person.


Robert Downey Jr. Talks About Similarities With Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. Talks About Similarities With Iron Man

Downey explains the similarities between his real-life persona and on-screen character in a new meeting with THR.

“Initially, by creating as well as connecting and also synergizing with Tony Stark as well as the Marvel Universe … and also being an excellent businessman, yet likewise being a little off-kilt. Being imaginative as well as entering into all these various other collaborations, it was a time when … what do they claim? Owners start looking like their pets,” Downey claimed.

That said, he made it a point not to let that occur, depending on his theatrical training as well as a process called aesthetic range.


Downey Provides Reality To The Situation 

“I am not my work,” Downey said. “I am not what I did with that workshop. I am not that amount of time that I invested in playing this character. ” Claimed Downey. “And it sucks, because the kid in all people wants to be like, ‘No. It’s always going to be summer camp, and also we’re all holding hands as well as vocal singing ‘Kumbaya’.”.


Robert Downey Jr Prepared To Head Towards Other Roles

Robert Downey Jr Prepared To Head Towards Other Roles

Downey has several tasks heading. It consists of a brand-new Sherlock Holmes movie and his reboot of Dr Dolittle. He admits he hasn’t yet actually begun to discover a real post-Marvel as well as Iron Man life right now.

“I have not been required to check out the new frontier of what is my imaginative and personal life hereafter,” Downey said. “It’s always great to prosper of where you are about to be… It’s always in the shifts in between one phase and also the next stage that individuals crumble.”.


For now, you can still see Downey in the component of Iron Man, as Avengers: Endgame is in theatres now.

You can watch the trailer here: 


Source: Comicbook, The Hollywood Reporter