Robert Downey Jr. Gained $75 Million From Avengers: Endgame

Iron Man got one impressive sendoff in Avengers: Endgame. It was suitable for the Avenger that began it all back in the very first Iron Man that released the MCU. The actor behind the personality Robert Downey Jr. likewise got quite a sendoff in the means of a prominent income for Endgame. It arrived on top of his $20 million wages.


RDJ Earnings Based On Box Office

RDJ Earnings Based On Box Office

As one of the veterans of the MCU, Downey has an added way to make money from the film many thanks to a contingent compensation. It permits him a portion of the movie’s earnings. Endgame has thus far earned $2,773,357,309 at the box office, so you can picture even a tiny percentage ends up being rather a whole lot.

That is the situation with Downey. Downey’s cut of the back-end earnings is around 8%. That means Downey has made an additional $55 million from that deal many thanks to the ridiculous revenues Endgame has drawn in.

That makes his whole pull from the flick around $75 million. But, that’s just for Endgame, as Downey additionally had a similar sell area for Avengers: Infinity War. Not a negative payday in all.


David Chidekel Speaks Of Actor Earnings

“Stars such as Downey and Johansson can demand huge payment plans from the movies. The studio spends millions of bucks in making tent-pole movies, such as The Avengers series.” Entertainment legal representative David Chidekel of Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae claimed. 


Endgame Earning Deal With RDJ

Endgame Earning Deal With RDJ

You might believe that approach would be a little bit cost-prohibitive for Marvel, but it’s quite the opposite. While Downey made $75 million on his own, the film still made $36.90 for each dollar he got for that. That is just multiplied for the newer members of the MCU like Paul Rudd, that handled to produce 100 dollars for each dollar he got.

” A studio’s motivation to provide contingent payment to actors, writers, directors and other key personnel is straightforward. Movie studios depend upon tent-pole movies to support their financial efficiency,” says Chidekel.

Endgame’s ticket office total suffices to cement it at the # 2 spot all-time, though it’s still 10 million timid of Avatar’s record of $2,788 billion. We’ll have to wait and see if it can reach it before it leaves movie theatres, however, the later it gets, the less likely it looks.


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Source: Comicbook, Cinemablend


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