Robert Downey Jr. To Be Replaced By A Female Black Super Hero? Marvel Working On ‘Iron Heart’ Solo Movie!

Fans of female-driven superhero flicks will be satisfied to know about some crisp bits of gossip circling on the web right now that claim a Iron Man film is on the cards. Titled Ironheart, the film is apparently as of now being developed. The Hashtag Show detailed that the content penned by Jada Rodriguez showed up on The Black List – a rundown of Hollywood’s most well-known unmade screenplays – demonstrating this could be a sign Marvel has officially given the undertaking the green light. Obviously, this is all fair theory. In any case, it would surely fit in with the present pattern for
Marvel and DC at long last giving lead parts to female characters in their separate movie universes.

The discussion of an all-female Marvel motion picture has been on the cards for a long while now, gossipy tidbits that have been additionally filled by the advancement of a Captain Marvel motion picture, featuring Brie Larson as the main character. Iron Heart would surely make for a strong new character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to explore, given the overall accomplishment of Robert Downey Jr’s. Tony Stark. For those not acquainted with the character, Ironheart a.k.a. Riri Williams is a successor to Tony Stark in the realm of Marvel Comics. Made by comic writer and craftsman Brian Michael Bendis, Williams is portrayed as a youthful high school virtuoso who figures out the Iron Man Suit without anyone help – which she does while calmly learning at MIT. At the end of the day, she’s an entire renegade wonder who clearly would have no issue coordinating the smarts and intensity of Tony Stark. She was first presented in Marvel’s 2016 comic Invincible Iron Man #7 before going ahead to take the title of Ironheart.

Does all this mean the MCU is set to add Ironheart to its slate at any point in the near future? Improbable, as Marvel presently can’t seem to remark and the entire thing is as of now in view
of bits of gossip and rumor. All things considered, if the screenplay ends up being genuine then we may very well get the opportunity to see the better half of Iron Man’s character springing up on the wide screen sooner rather than later to save the day and kick a few butts while she’s at it.


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