Robert  Downey Junior’s conjecture about Iron man’s comeback 

A ray of hope which can soon turn into a whole blowing torch has been lit up by Iron Man himself. Read on to find out his opinion.

Iron Man will return 

After crying our hearts out at the death of Iron Man in the epic finale battle of Avengers: Endgame. All the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans lost hopes for the return of their Superhero. At that time, it almost felt cynical to think of Iron Man’s comeback. But, now we can not wish for anything else. 

Robert Downey Jr and his theory

So, almost a few months later, from the final goodbye to the Avengers franchise, RDJ has reportedly claimed that anything can happen about the whole comeback scenario. He said although he has laid down weapons, but would always be delighted to work again for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though Tony Stark died in the movie’s timeline, but MCU can bring back someone from the dungeons of death. Also, in this case, it is not just someone but Iron Man. So, anything can happen. 

The Cinematic Universe of Iron Man 

Robert Downey Jr Became Iron Man back in the year 2008. He has entertained all his fans with the Superhero’s character for more than a decade or two, and in that period, he has done about ten incredible movies. He has also done some cameos like in Spiderman: homecoming. Everyone loves him for that and would always want to see him return to the big screen as their forever superstar. Possibly next, we can see Iron Man in Black Widow, as the storyline of the movie is set in the past.

The upcoming movie of RDJ titled as Dolittle is a collective project he created along with his wife, Susan.

Source: ComicBook


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