Robert Pattinson Has The Strong Chin Necessary To Play Batman, Says Willem Dafoe

While everything is still unconfirmed, it looks like Robert Pattinson is at the top of the race in playing the Batman in Matt Reeves’ The Batman film. Pattinson hasn’t yet let out a word on this but his co-star in The Lighthouse does have a say here about Robert Pattinson and the role of the iconic Batman. Willem Dafoe stated that he does have a strong chin.

Willem Dafoe Speaks On Robert Pattinson Playing Batman

Robert Pattinson rumored to play Batman
Robert Pattinson rumored to play Batman

“He’s got a strong chin,” Dafoe told Variety’s The Big Ticket podcast. “That’s a part of it. Can you imagine anyone with a weak chin ever playing Batman? I don’t think so.”

If Robert was to get the role, he will be joining a legacy that takes care of actors like Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Michael Keaton and Christian Bale. As stated by reports, Nicholas Hoult is also running in race for the role. Matt Reeves shall change things from his own point of view, and will opt for a more noir style Batman which will focus on his detective skills rather than the gadgets. That has been touched here and there before but has never been the prime focus.

The Duo Has Worked Together Before

The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse

Dafoe also talked about Pattinson on the set as the duo had a different style suited for their characters in The Lighthouse. While Dafoe prefers rehearsals, Pattinson didn’t want much preparation as his character was the one that had lesser dialogues and was more mysterious.

“We’re different, and the truth is, because our methods were different, they sort of mirrored the differences in the characters,” Dafoe said. “If it was a problem, I’m sure Rob Eggers would have corrected it. But in fact, he liked the tension and difference.”

Dafoe feels that Pattinson is a wonderful actor and also stated that there wasn’t any “personal animosity, [but] we didn’t have much contact as far as hanging out or anything like that. It wasn’t a method thing. We worked hard, and it was miserable weather so when you’re free, you head for cover.”

Source: Comicbook, Variety

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