Robert Pattinson to Play Batman, Salary Revealed

Robert Pattinson is all set to play the iconic fictional superhero in The Batman. Ben Affleck had announced in January that he would not return as the Caped Crusader. The Batman will release in theatres on June 25, 2021. The filming could start in late 2019 or the first part of 2020, but no official production date is set yet. 

Robert Pattinson as Batman

The Batman

Robert Pattinson, at the age of 32, is the youngest actor to play the Caped Superhero. Pattinson has quite a few feathers to his cap, with this honour being the latest. He has portrayed the much-loved vampire in the Twilight series. It remains to be seen how much justice he does to his role as the beloved superhero. Negotiations are on with Jonah Hill, multi-time Academy Award-nominated actor, for playing the superhero’s onscreen foe. It is not known whether the villainous role is Penguin or Riddler. 

Robert Pattinson to receive a low salary for playing Batman


Pattinson to receive half the fee of his onscreen foe

There are reports that Jonah Hill has asked for $10 million for the villainous role in the new Batman movie. Robert Pattinson is said to be offered half that amount, which would mean about $5 million. The exact details of the contract provided to the Twilight star are unknown. Pattinson has already begun work on the pre-production of the movie. He was very excited to put on the batsuit for the first time. According to him, it was a transformative experience. 

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Can you imagine Robert Pattinson as Batman? Watch the teaser trailer concept here.

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