Robert Pattinson’s Bat-Suit Might Resemble The Adam West Version More

Each and every live action adaptation of the batsuit has its own colour and style. But the rumour mill is churning with the news that Pattinson’s batsuit might go the Adam West route in terms of the colour for now.

The cast of Batman is slowly starting to come together with now Andy Serkis being cast as Alfred Pennyworth. But another thing which is also really important for Batman is the batsuit. The style and colour of the bat suit has certainly evolved over years of live action adaptation. It has gone from being blue and grey in the Adam West version to all black in the Christian Bale or Ben Affleck version. It’s time to find out what Pattinson’s suit is going to look like in Matt Reeves’ The Batman and the rumour mill is suggesting that Reeves has opted to turn back time and go back to the original suit colour.

Pattinson’s Batsuit To Be Blue And Grey

Robert Pattinson's batsuit will be blue grey in colour. Pic courtesy:
Robert Pattinson’s batsuit will be blue grey in colour. Pic courtesy:

This rumour has emerged courtesy of twitter account handle @TheComixKid. The owner has claimed that Pattinson’s suit in The Batman will be “a modernized take on the West costume.” It’s said that the outfit will be “incorporating Blues and Greys, but no longer yellow.” Here’s the tweet in question:

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