The rodeo attendance record set by Garth Brooks has been broken by Cardi B. Singer Cardi B has beaten Brooks by three people.

Cardi B Sets New Record

Cardi B
Cardi B

Friday night’s rodeo just wrapped up setting a record for the highest concert attendance with around 75,580 people who came out to see Cardi B.

From rapping on the stage to dancing, Cardi B stole the whole show on Friday night at NRG. Fans loved the show as many channeled their inner rappers.

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But there was one sentiment that was echoed by all. The excitement shown by fans as the singer performed. This was something many didn’t expect to see at the rodeo.

“Most rappers aren’t at the rodeo,” fan Talan said.

“It’s very diverse, so that’s pretty good that the rodeo decided to expand their horizons you know,” another fan said.

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