Roll Out For Transformers/Ghostbusters Exclusive TeamUp Toys

The Transformers and Ghostbusters are teaming up and bringing peace to the world together.

Ghostbusters fans have a lot going on for them right now which will surely make them happy. Just earlier this year, IDW publishing announced that they would celebrate the 35th anniversary of Transformers and Ghostbusters with a crossover between the two franchises.

The Transformers/Ghostbusters Crossover

The crossover will see the Ecto-1 become a transformer known as Ectotron. Hasbro has already revealed that Ectotron will get released as a toy for collectors. Now Hasbro has also revealed a second transformers/Ghostbusters crossover toys offering in the form of a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive set.

Ecto-35 to be Revealed at San Diego Comic Con

This SDCC exclusive was revealed by Polygon and it has Autobot’s leader Optimus Prime decked out in Ghostbusters colors. The 9.5 inch figure transforms into its semi truck form with the Ghostbusters logo and slogan emblazoned on the side, as well as a splash of green slime. This version of SDCC exclusive Optimus Prime is known as Ecto-35.

Optimus Prime and base
Optimus Prime and the base

When Optimus Prime is in the upright robot form, the trailer for the truck becomes a base for ghost busting and Decepticon fighting activity. It includes maintenance supplies and a ghost trap. The packaging can even be worn as a proton pack. See the photo below:

The Photon Pack
The Photon Pack

The Writer For Transformers/Ghostbusters Speaks About The Crossover

Transformers/Ghostbusters writer Erik Burnham spoke to in March about the crossover:

“Part of the reason I think they’ve lasted so long is the foundation: Ghosts are cool. Robots are cool. It’s obviously more than that. Ghostbusters explores dealing with the unknown with humor and curiosity. Transformers is (depending on where you look) anything from a straight up fight of good against evil, to a more nuanced look at disagreements between two groups that come to war (which, no, not the same thing.)”

With the anniversary in full gear, we are excited to see the comic book come to fruition as well.

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