Most people usually want to select a movie to watch based on its ratings and reviews. But one cannot completely rely on online movie rating websites.

A good movie can get the worst ratings, and the worst movie can get good ratings occasionally.

There is no need to be confused over the contradictory reviews between movie rating sites cause each site has its own methodology in rating a movie.

Rotten Tomatoes ratings are like:

a rotten tomato review on avengers infinity war
the rotten tomatoes give ratings in percentages. The percent scale is termed as a Tomatometer by rotten tomatoes.

The overall score given out by Rotten Tomatoes by aggregating mixed reviews of top Critics gives out a binary opinion of the movie.

The movie either gets its rating as fresh or rotten. The Rating is given in a percentage value Of positive reviews to the total reviews aggregated in the overall rating. If this review is about 60%, then it is fresh if not it is rotten.

Critics of rotten tomatoes

sometimes critics may misjudge movies. fans raise questions on reviews given by rotten tomatoes for venom

If one is ultimately sure that the movie is best or worse than their scores don’t matter.

Even if you think that the top-rated critic has not made Justice in His review, it is not wrong of you.

Even critics can be biased on the actors or the genres of the films.  Some say that most of the critics in Rotten Tomatoes are men so that it is claimed that movies with a woman in lead roles get an unjust and biased rating.

This may not be true considering the highest rating given to Wonder Woman.

Talks around rotten tomatoes

wonder woman rotten tomatoes rating
wonder woman ratings breaks suspicions of rotten tomatoes favoring marvel

Rotten Tomatoes score got more respect when it got added next to movie tickets listing.

This leads to some conspiratorial theories within Hollywood. Some sites like IMBD gives value to user reviews also, which may lead to biased reviews.

But taking user reviews into account also provides insights on Fans’ liking’s and opinions. One cannot consider the Rotten Tomatoes reviews too seriously because some movies like “Batman versus Superman dawn of Justice” and “suicide squad” have received below 30% which is highly unlikely considering the overall audience liking towards these movies.

Some conspiratorial theories also claim that Rotten Tomatoes have a biased rating towards Marvel over DC movies.

But this may be a false accusation because the “Wonder Woman” rating surpassed every movie in the Cinematic Universe of Marvel except for the first movie in the “Iron Man” film series.

Rather than seeing an overall score, it is better to see separate reviews and take it with a grain of salt.

So the rotten Tomatoes scores don’t matter. They just give out an overall compiled rating, but it’s the audience who decides if the score is really to be taken into account in watching a movie. Rotten tomatoes give Out reviews based on a proportional amount of top-rated critics.

source: Rotten Tomatoes explained, You should ignore film ratings on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes

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