‘Ruled the charts for at least a decade, sold it all for $200M?’: Internet Demands Answers as Justin Bieber Sh*ts on His Own Legacy, Sells Music Rights To Hipgnosis Songs Capital

In a surprising move recently, Justin Bieber, a star in the world of pop music, sold his music rights to  Hipgnosis Songs Capital, a British Guernsey-registered music IP investment and song management company. His career started as a teenager in 2009 when he became famous at age fifteen. Since then, he has had several hit singles and albums, becoming a significant figure in the music industry.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

According to reports, the Canadian singer has also been struggling with health issues. In June 2022, the pop star announced via an Instagram video that he had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a rare neurological condition affecting the facial nerves. It is no surprise that the Canadian singer’s fans are enraged over the news, and many of them have started slamming him for taking such a big step. In shock, his fans are trying to discover what turned into him selling out his music rights and looking for a reason for doing so.

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Justin Bieber Sells His Music Rights To Hipgnosis Songs Capital

The 28-year-old Canadian singer Justin Bieber, one of the most successful singers of the 21st Century, has joined a growing list of artists whose catalogs have sold well. It is reported that he has sold all of his music catalog, including songs from his entire fifteen-year career in recording, for a staggering $200 million.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

According to Variety, Blackstone-backed Hipgnosis Songs Capital announced that Justin Bieber had sold his music rights for over $200 million on Tuesday. As a result, the firm owns a stake in his significant hits of the past few years, including Baby, Sorry, Peaches and Yummy.

Merck Mercuriadis, the founder of Hipgnosis Song Management, issued the following statement regarding the acquisition on Tuesday,

”The impact of Justin Bieber on global culture over the last 14 years has truly been remarkable. This acquisition ranks among the biggest deals ever made for an artist under the age of 70, such is the power of this incredible catalog that has almost 82 million monthly listeners and over 30 billion streams on Spotify alone.”

“Scooter Braun has helped him build a magnificent catalog, and it’s a pleasure to welcome Justin and his incredible songs and recordings to the Hipgnosis family.”

According to reports, the deal also includes his writer’s share and all of his music released before 31 December 2021. The trend is becoming quite common as Shakira and Justin Timberlake have also struck deals with Hipgnosis. According to Variety, Bieber’s songs will remain under the management of Universal Music, the same company that has managed his songs throughout his career.

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The Canadian Singer’s Fans Want Answers From Him For Selling His Music Rights

Only one month earlier, it was reported that the pop singer was close to completing a deal to sell his music rights for nearly $200 million. The fact that he has broken the rumors has shocked fans. The pop singer’s fans are looking for an answer to why he made such a big decision.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

A Twitter handle, Pop Crave, tweeted yesterday about the news, which reads, “Justin Bieber has sold his music rights to Hipgnosis Songs Capital for over $200 million.”

There was much speculation after the news broke about the reason behind it, along with the idea that the songs he was selling were worth more than $200M. A fan commented on Pop Crave’s tweet, reads,

“I’m sorry but he ruled the charts and preteen’s hearts for atleast a decade; was the blueprint for male pop sensations for so long and he sold it all for 200M?”

The following are some tweets from fans below:

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Over the years, the Baby hitmaker has released six studio albums, a slew of singles, and various collaborations with many other big stars. But, according to reports, Hipgnosis Songs Capital officials have never negotiated a bigger deal than the one with Bieber.

Source: Twitter, Variety

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