Yesterday it was announced that Batman: The Animated Series actor Kevin Conroy will portray Bruce Wayne for this winter’s ‘Criris On Infinite Earths’ the crossover to end all crossovers if you will, A new report is suggesting Mark Hamill will play the Joker, fans know Hamill for his work in Star Wars, or his voice duo in the Batman Arkham series, but this wouldn’t be the first time that Hamill would appear in the Arrowverse as he starred in the flash (1990’s and 2014) as The Trickster a character oddly similar to the joker. Batman fans dreamed of Conroy and Hamill facing each other live action and this dream may come true, it’s currently unknown who the original source is but Animated Times rounded out the top names. Although this crisis seems like a dream come true it’s actually not as many fans are speculating that Oliver Queen will die. And unfortunately they have more than enough evidence to back up their claim, But we will also receive new things such as a potential Green Lantern series and thks is easily the most anticipated TV event of all time.

The plot of Crisis on Infinite Earths was chilling one, and the main antagonist was a cosmic being known as the Anti-Monitor. … Supergirl and Barry Allen’s Flash were among the most famous casualties of Crisis on Infinite Earths, giving their lives to save entire worlds.

Don’t worry Supergirl and Flash fans it was announced by the CW that they have no interest in ending both shows, so it may be a relief to know that the CW is changing big events of the story, it was also announced that Black Lightning will be featured.

Make Hammil’s Joker and Kevin Conroy’s Batman sounds like an epic conclusion of an epic Universe. Are you excited for Crisis On Infinite Earths? Let us know down below.

Source: KAPOW News, Cosmicbooknews

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