Rumors focused on Cavill, as Replacement of The Wolverine

So you’d possibly have seen a rumor hitting social media that quickly caught fire, and it’s easy to understand why. The rumor conveyed that Henry Cavill was being eyed by Marvel Studios to play Wolverine, but it also stated that he would debut in Captain Marvel 2.

What’s Truth inside the Rumour

What's Truth inside the Rumour
Let’s see what it holds for us.

Adding even more things to ponder fans need to think what it might be like for Cavill to require on the fan-favorite X-Man and the way he would be implemented in Captain Marvel‘s upcoming sequel, and while it’s gone viral and caught on online at several sites, we are getting to need to debunk it. Reportedly that as of immediately Cavill has not been approached for any role, including the role of Wolverine, and therefore the script for Captain Marvel 2 isn’t even done yet, throwing another wrench into things.

Cavill’s Ongoing Project

Cavill's Ongoing Project
Can you think Geralt as Wolverine?

There’s also Cavill’s production schedule to think about. At the instant, Cavill is shooting episodes of his hit Netflix show The Witcher, a show which will keep him busy for the foreseeable future after the big-time reception to season 1. To the continued gig, he also has several other projects within the works, like Enola Holmes and his part within the Star Citizen single-player experience Squadron 42.

Can Wolverine 2.0 make peace with the role?

What we expect from Wolverine
What we expect from wolverine.

Taking on a Marvel project, especially for a personality like Wolverine, would demand multiple films and an excellent deal of your time for the foreseeable future, and a minimum of immediately with The Witcher, that does not seem to be something Cavill features a ton of. As for Captain Marvel 2, the film doesn’t have a title or a release date yet, and honestly introducing Wolverine there looks like an odd fit. I might like to see Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel meet and have an adventure with Henry Cavill’s Wolverine, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to happen.

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