Brie Larson set to appear as Captain Marvel in five more movies | Latest Rumour

MCU launching Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel made waves when it hit the box office.

Brie Larson reprises role as Captain Marvel

Brie Larson reprises role as Captain Marvel
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According to a brand-new rumour, we could be in for quite a few more appearances from Larson’s Carol Danvers in the MCU. By a record from We Got This Covered, Larson might appear in at least 5 more MCU motion pictures before her contract with Marvel Studios is up. Currently, this is not validated by Larson or Marvel, as an earlier claim said she has signed for a 7 movie deal with Marvel. But Larson herself obliterated that.

Possibilities of Captain Marvel appearances
Possibilities of Captain Marvel appearances
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Larson has so far appeared in her solo debut and afterwards Avengers: Endgame. After that would be a full-on Captain Marvel follow up at some time in Phase 4. Still, she could always turn up in another movie like Eternals or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 because those handle even more cosmic adventures and concepts. If that doesn’t take place, she’ll most likely be next seen in a sequel. Though if that’s the case, there is some mystery relating to when that follow up would occur. Will it be set in the past or in the here and now after Endgame? There was a lot of unfinished services as the first movie came to an end. She was going to assist the Skrulls to discover a new house and take down the Kree realm.


Storylines for Captain Marvel

That’s plenty to load a new film in the past, though it can additionally be set after Endgame. Perhaps Carol follows up on the condition of the Skrulls after everything that happened with Thanos. You might then relocate the Skrulls from the background right into the centre with Thanos currently abandoning the primary villain area, and who knows, this can be the following massive step in the direction of an ultimate Secret Invasion story.


We envision she’ll likewise turn up in whatever the next Avengers movie will be. It will feature a new schedule of heroes after Endgame brought Iron Man, Black Widow, as well as Steve Rogers’ storylines to a close, and she’s a natural fit to be a leader in their absence.


Whether the deal is for five films or 20, we can not wait to see Larson and also Captain Marvel return to action on the cinema, and also we hope the hero’s around for a long time.

Watch the Captain Marvel trailer here to recollect her power:



Source: Comicbook, We got this covered 


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