Rumour: The PS5 Is More Powerful Than Xbox Scarlett

Microsoft, during its E3 2019 press conference officially announced its next-gen Xbox which has been codenamed Project Scarlett.

What Are The Features Of Project Scarlett?

Fans say that it does seem a lot like the PS5 but it will actually be 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X. Moreover, it boasts 8K, 120fps capabilities, ray tracing, has some AMD-made innards, a SSD, and it will be out in the holiday season of 2020. But the good stuff doesn’t just end here, it will also be backwards compatible with every previous Xbox console, which is a bit different than the PS5 which has only confirmed PS4 backwards compatibility so far.


Rumour that PS5 is more powerful than Xbox's Project Scarlett.
Rumour that PS5 is more powerful than Xbox’s Project Scarlett.

But at the moment, there aren’t many specifics on the actual specs of each console. There are some vague benchmarks and some system components which are known but it’s not clear just how much power and improvement will finally come to the final product. But the rumour mill is already rife with some saying that the PS5 is more powerful than Xbox Scarlett.

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Is PS5 Actually More Powerful Than Xbox Scarlett?

For now this is just a rumour which has come from Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner, who says that he’s been hearing at E3 (presumably from developers) that the PS5 will take back the title of the most powerful console from Microsoft. Check out his tweet below:

Remember that it is a rumour and so take this with a grain of salt. Moreover, it is quite possible that if PS5 is more powerful then it will be more expensive as well. But overall, it’s hard to believe that Microsoft will let this happen after going so hard with the Xbox One X most powerful console in the world” marketing. In reality, even if Xbox One console is slightly more powerful, the difference will likely be marginal.

In reality, even if one console is slightly more powerful, the difference will most likely be marginal. But there is some precedence to this. While Microsoft is finishing this generation with the world’s most powerful console, at the start it was the PS4 that was more powerful than the Xbox One.

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