Rumours regarding the release of a new MechAssault by Microsoft.

Earlier development by Microsoft.

Microsoft developed the first Battletech video game, MechAssault specially made to support console play. Both the versions of the game were set in a fictional Battletech universe. The whole game is set in a science-fiction BattleTech universe which revolves around clashes between human-piloted walking, extreme arms called BattleMechs.

MechAssault gameplay.
First BattleTech Video Game by Microsoft- MechAssault

“The plot of the game centres around an inhabited planet called Helios in the dominion of the Inner Sphere, a powerful coalition of feuding factions in control of large areas of space. The player is a BattleMech pilot in the employment of an elite mercenary organization called Wolf’s Dragoons. The player’s ship is hired to investigate the cessation of communications from the planet Helios.

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The Dragoons’ ship, the Icarus arrives at the planet and is shot down upon entering the atmosphere, causing the ship to crash-land on the surface of Helios. It is later discovered by the player that a rogue technology- worshipping cult known as the Word of Blake has invaded and conquered Helios, and is under the rule of an iron- fisted fanatic called Commander Strader. The game follows the player as, commanded by elite officer Major Natalia and assisted by inept techie Lieutenant Foster, they fight the military forces of the cult, assist in the liberation of the planet from Word of Blake rule, and assassinate Commander Strader.”BattleTech

All about the rumours

According to some furphies, Microsoft is believed to reveal a new MechAssault game at E3 2019 the upcoming month. It was an insider who revealed that there are some high chances that Microsoft will release a new game very soon which would be revealed during the show. MechAssault being the first published X-box game. Bought in development by Day 1 Studios, the game came into existence when  Denny Thorley approached Microsoft with the idea of the game. Microsoft initially liked the idea and concept of the game and as a result, they published another version of the game MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf in 2004.


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