Ryan Reynolds Brings Up Henry Cavill’s Moustache In New Video

Justice League didn’t get many things right, but one of the things it did absolutely wrong was the mistake of trying to remove Cavill’s moustache using CGI. Years later that shame still lives on and this time Ryan Reynolds has brought up that wretched memory.

Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman is loved by many. But almost all of Superman fans will agree that he looks best clean shaven. As such, Henry Cavill’s famous disaster moustache incident regarding Justice League was the cause of laughter in fan circles and more. His terribly cgi’ed face will live on forever in the movie, but it has most recently resurfaced in Ryan Reynold’s video.

What Led To Henry Cavill’s Moustache Issue?

Henry Cavill's moustache debacle was due to both WB and Paramount. Pic courtesy: telegraph.co.uk
Henry Cavill’s moustache debacle was due to both WB and Paramount. Pic courtesy: telegraph.co.uk

When Zack Snyder stepped down as the director of Justice League, then Joss Whedon was called in to straighten the ship. The result of this was that many characters like Martian Manhunter were lost as Whedon trimmed down the script. Whedon demanded a lot of reshoots from the cast. But Cavill was already shooting Mission Impossible: Fallout where he had to grow a moustache for his character.

WB offered to pay for a fake moustache but Paramount didn’t agree. So the only option left for WB was to CGI the entire lower half of Cavill’s face. As everyone who was even remotely on the internet a few years back would know, they did an absolutely horrifying job of it. It was so bad that fans would have taken a moustached Superman over that monstrosity. The only result of this drama was that Cavill’s moustache became something of international ridicule.

Ryan Reynolds Makes Fun Of Henry Cavill’s Moustache 

Ryan Reynolds trolls Henry Cavill. Pic courtesy: dailymail.co.uk
Ryan Reynolds trolls Henry Cavill. Pic courtesy: dailymail.co.uk

Even two years later, the ridicule is far from over. This time it is Ryan Reynolds who has brought it up. Reynolds tweeted a promotional video for his Aviation Gin. There he wears a fake mustache and then has it removed with CGI – to horrible, yet hilarious results. This is truly some first rate trolling from the current Deadpool star who has recently joined the MCU. Since Reynolds played the Green Lantern which was a WB project as well, so he will be familiar with botched CGI work.

Overall, everyone should continue enjoying moustache gate, there is no reason to turn this into a Marvel vs DC war.

The moustache gate has given birth to plenty of funny interviews, click on the video below to check out one of them:

(Source: screenrant.com  and dailymail.co.uk)

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