Ryan Reynolds Gets Trolled By Hugh Jackman In A New ‘Once Upon A Deadpool’ Ad

Now, Hugh Jackman has trolled Ryan Reynolds with a mock Once Upon A Deadpool ad that mikes various holes in Reynolds’ perfect public image. The two actors have been engaged in a good-natured back and forth, with Reynolds relentlessly campaigning for Jackman to play the role of Wolverine in a Deadpool film. Jackman remains adamant he’s hung up the claws for good, which even made Reynolds call him “selfish” recently.

Both the actors shared the screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but the fans can see both Stars in separate projects this winterberry. While Jackman will leading in The Front Runner by Jason Reitman, Deadpool will return in a PG-13 cut of a Deadpool 2, titled Once Upon A Deadpool.

Jackman shared the video to Twitter and takes all the credit for Reynolds’ rise to superstardom, even claiming to have picked him for the role of Deadpool even getting him the Sexiest Man Alive title. Here’s the video:

While the post is hilarious, it only adds fuel to Jackman’s involvement in Once Upon A Deadpool. After all, Reynolds re-shot Deadpool 2 secretly and the film’s announcement came as a surprise. It’s possible for Jackman to appear on the sets to shoot a brief cameo which Fox is keeping under the lock.

Considering the end of Logan last year, it makes sense why Jackman’s hesitation to return to reprise Wolverine again. Many fans believe that it was the most perfect sendoff for him and a little perspective can be gained by having him return. However, we would definitely love to see Jackman popping up unexpectedly in the film.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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