Ryan Reynolds is on a Kissing Spree – After Kissing Andrew Garfield at Golden Globes, He’s Now Caught Kissing Ice Hockey Legend Henrik Lundqvist

Ryan Reynolds has expressed his love for hockey and is a big fan of the same. Being a Canadian, the actor wishes to buy an NHL team, the Ottawa Senators. The actor is a fan of the game and recently attended the New York Rangers against Minnesota Wild game in Madison Square Garden in New York City. The Rangers defeated the Wilds by 4-3 after a three-on-three overtime and a shootout.

Ryan Reynolds on Jimmy Kimmel Live show
Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds was accompanied by New York Rangers legend Henrik Lundqvist and actor Alexander Skarsgård at the game. The trio sat together throughout the game and gave the fans some sizzling content. The Deadpool actor, known for kissing his fellow stars, caught during the Golden Globes, surely made his wife jealous during the hockey game.

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Ryan Reynolds had a love-on-ice moment with Henrik Lundqvist

Ryan Reynolds Minnesota Wild v New York Rangers, NHL Hockey game
Ryan Reynolds and Henrik Lundqvist

The 46-year-old hockey fan attended the game where New York Rangers took down Minnesota Wild on Tuesday. There the actor sat beside New York Rangers legend Henrik Lundqvist and fellow Swede Alexander Skarsgard. The trio made it on the celebrity cam making the fans shout in joy.

The Green Lantern actor took the opportunity and planted a kiss on Lundquist’s cheek. He grabbed the former hockey player by the chin as the jumbotron flitted to their star-studded row of seats. The kiss instantly went viral on social media.

Ryan Reynolds took a tip from Skarsgard, who was the first to kiss the Swedish-born player on the cheeks in the evening. This moment was captured on the jumbotron for the fans, who were in joy with the maneuver.

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Henrik Lundqvist had a nostalgic moment after returning to the Garden

Ryan Reynolds Plants a Kiss on NHL Legend Henrik Lundqvist
Henrik Lundqvist and Ryan Reynolds

The former goaltender played for the organization for an astonishing 15 seasons and is loved at the Garden by fans. He is among the 11 players to have his jersey number retired. The Swedish-born player took retirement from the sport in 2021 following his medical issues. He was diagnosed with a cardiac problem making it risky for him to continue playing.

He made his career playing for the Rangers from 2000 to 2020. The player had a nostalgic moment visiting Madison Square Garden, and fans were delighted to see the legend.

After going through open heart surgery, the 40-year player announced his retirement. He owns the NHL record for most victories by a goaltender of European descent. Lundqvist is also the player awarded the Golden Puck and Golden Helmet for his career in Sweden before joining the Rangers.

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