Ryan Renolds Trash Talks Over Fantasy Football

Various superheroes are currently competing at fantasy football. This is a game where your team earns points based on the live performance of football players. This football performance is based on AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football Charity League. 

Deadpool Vs Nebula

Deadpool and Nebula Face-Off for Fantasy Football
Deadpool and Nebula Face-Off for Fantasy Football

Ryan Reynolds is known for his role as Deadpool in the famous Deadpool series. Whereas Karen Gillan played, Gamora’s not so nice to super cool step-sister Nebula. It’s Deadpool Vs Nebula y’all. This is truly a dream come real face-off for all the fans in MCU. 

Spiderman Becomes the Victim

Poor Tom Holland got dragged into the Trash Talk.
Poor Tom Holland got dragged into the Trash Talk.

The trash talk commenced an explicit Twitter video, which Reynolds posted on Thursday night. After a while, Gillan hit back saying, “So this week I am playing Ryan Reynolds, and we’re meant to trash talk each other, and he had some nasty words for me.” Gillan continues, “But you know what? I think actions speak louder than words, Ryan.” 

The video showcases her purchasing a tiny superhero figurine from a store. She then fires it up in her back garden. Except the toy turns out to be a Spider-Man figurine, rather than a Deadpool one. Tom Holland is known for playing MCU’s Spiderman. 

Both Ryan and Gillan Apologize 

Ryan Reynolds apologised to Tom Holland in a tweet saying, “I think we all owe Tom Holland a sincere and unblinking apology.” This was followed by Karen Gillan’s tweet, which said, “Yeah, sorry Tom, next time I’ll burn the right character…. Jiggly Puff. That’s you, right, Ryan?” 

Though it should be noted that Ryan Reynolds is currently one of the league’s leaders, he has been undefeated in three games. 

If Karen Gillan is the one to win against Reynolds finally, we should imagine the Twitter trash talk that will follow. 

Source: Comicbook, Yahoo! News 

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