Sacred Lies: Juliette Lewis & Kimiko Glenn Talk Suspense, Stories & chill

Sacred lies starts off with A handless teen who escapes from a cult and finds herself in juvenile detention, suspected of knowing who killed her cult leader. Based on the novel “The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly” by Stephanie Oakes the drama series sacred lies , The Singing Bones, takes a unique approach to the traditional detective story. A crime from more than a decade ago returns to the spotlight when the bones of a murdered woman are discovered.

Juliette Lewis as Harper

Cast and Critical review

This movie stars Juliette Lewis plays Harper, the weirdly dedicated amateur detective committed to solving cold cases like this one. Along the way, she finds a friend in the police lab technician, Lily, played by Kimiko Glenn.

” loved the script,” Glenn told. “I loved the writing. It was so sharp. You can get all the little pieces of the puzzle and other information that makes you question what comes after . You have to keep watching. That and Juliette was involved, and I was like, ‘I gotta meet this girl!’ She’s amazing.” .

A scene from the movie


The script is so alive and spontaneous it makes us feel alive as the characters are vivid off the page . on the surface the main character seems very masculine and idiosyncratic since she is driven by deep humanity and trauma .

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