Saddest DCEU Moments To Cry Your Heart Out, Ranked

The MCU was here first. But if its emotional scenes we are talking about, then the DCEU sure trumps its rival in terms of sheer quality. These Saddest DCEU moments will make you cry your heart out for sure.

Deadshot Comforts His Daughter – Suicide Squad

The movie is panned by most people. Yet it does have its moments where it shines bright. Will Smith did a bang on job as expert marksman and de facto leader of the Suicide Squad. Deadshot is a known criminal. But he is also shown to be a loving and doting father. When Batman takes down Deadshot in the movie, it’s the latter’s daughter that steps in to save the day. The authorities can be heard swooping in on the assassin as Deadshot tries to comfort his daughter that’s everything’s going to be okay.

Barry Allen Visits His Father In Prison – Justice League

There’s no love like a Father and Son relationship. It’s built on mutual respect for each other. Barry knows his father was framed for a murder he never committed. Even though the world believes otherwise, he is ready to fight everyone for his dad. Billy Crudup’s Henry Allen tells Barry to let him go and live his life without his father holding him back. Crudup and Miller have brilliant chemistry together. We hope to see more of them in the DCEU Flash movie.

Steve Trevor’s Sacrifice – Wonder Woman

They had their differences. But both wanted to save the world from itself. We always knew that Trevor was not going to make it from the time Diana Prince first made her debut in BVS. But it was the way in which Trevor died that took as aback. Trevor knows he is the only one who can save the day. Before leaving to meet his doom, Steve confesses he loves Diana Prince and that he truly believes she is what the world needs at the moment. When the plane explodes in a fiery explosion, it’s not just Wonder Woman who’s crying.

Jonathan Kent Bids Goodbye – Man Of Steel

Everyone has a power within them. You can either choose to do the right thing or take the road you would later regret to have ever taken. Jonathan Kent wanted Clark to know he was more than just his powers. He was his son and more human than Clark would ever care. He wanted to prove that he was not an abomination. His son would be viewed as a threat if he had saved Pa Kent from the tornado that day. He would rather let himself be killed than expose the world to something it was not ready to comprehend. That’s how much Jonathan Kent loved Clark. He was willing to die rather than put his son in danger.

Billy Batson Meets His Mom – Shazam!

By far the most heart wrenching moment in movie history was when the teenage Billy Batson finally meets his biological mother. For the entire course of the movie we are led to believe that Billy’s mom accidentally left him and he finally made his way back to her. It’s revealed in this scene that Billy wasn’t left behind by accident. He was intentionally abandoned by her mom because she believed she wasn’t ready to be a mother. The revelation churns our guts. The kid inside all of us started crying. Billy Batson did not deserve such inhumane treatment. He deserves happiness. Shazam deserves more than what he was served.

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