Saddest Villain Origins In MCU

MCU has great superheroes but what makes them great are the villains! Throughout MCU history, audiences have witnessed some amazing villains and all are driven to different acts of evil.

But many times, we feel bad for the villain instead of hating them. Here are some saddest villain stories in MCU:

1. Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier

When we first met Bucky Barnes, he came off as a brave, charming, and loyal best friend of the future Captain America. But to Steve’s despair, Bucky is killed on a mission amid World War II; or so we thought.

He was kidnapped by HYDRA, and brainwashed with his memories overridden for decades. And if this wasn’t enough, he was fashioned into a machine and was on a killing spree of those who were a threat to HYDRA. This was the trauma and guilt that he ended up carrying for his life.

2. Green Goblin

Green Goblin

We can all agree that Green Goblin was the most dangerous villain from Spider-Man: No Way Home. His motivation was pure and just utter chaos and he killed just for sadistic fun.

But we still ended up sympathizing with him. In his clearer times, he is Norman Osborn – a scientist who took his formula for a performance enhancer. But he is shocked by the other side of his Dissociative Identity Disorder and has no escape.

3. Loki


There is no doubt that Loki has been a long-time favorite villain in the MCU. And that comes despite him torturing his brother, exiling his father, trying to take over Earth, and even leading Thor to believe he was dead.

It comes down to his backstory. He always felt different and that Odin was partial to Thor who was the perfect son. When Loki learns the truth about his real family, he was devastated. All he ever wants is to feel loved and some attention but his methods are not righteous.

4. Wenwu


When it comes Shang-Chi, we all know Wenwu had done a lot of bad things. He has killed entire armies with the aid of Ten Rings. But he was ready to give up his “villain” life after he met Jiang Li and fell in love.

But life has other plans. After his wife died, Wenwu returned to his evil side. But this time, he doesn’t want world domination, all he wanted was to see his wife again.

5. Killmonger


He is easily MCU’s most charming villain but at the same time, he is also one of the most sympathetic villains. He wants to dethrone T’Challa and use vibranium to position Wakanda as the world’s controlling country.

Killmonger was forced to see his dad die and was even abandoned by his people. He wanted to use the wealth and resources to help others which even moves T’Challa to take his goals seriously.

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