Here’s How Sam Raimi Can Bring The Horror To MCU

Doctor Strange’s new movie is undoubtedly going to change the face of MCU as announced in the yesteryear comic-con as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will become the very first Horror film of Marvel.

However, Sam Raimi will do the direction of this psychedelic madness. It is still an inference that Sam Raimi will return to MCU. Though there are many confirmations that the director of the Spider-Man trilogy and The Evil Dead will return to MCU.

Just so to let you know, as the movie lost Scott Derrickson, the MCU fans got all hyped up to bring Sam Raimi back. And shower horror, madness, and magic altogether on the big screen with Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.

Raimi’s psychedelic weirdness and magic combined.

Even before entering the MCU, Raimi was well known for his horror films. One of them is the Evil Dead. The movie is full of weirdness and some evil atrocious magic. The movie gave chills along with a bizarre sensation of horror and Satanism with some very impactful characters.

However, the new  Doctor Strange’s realm consists of horrible and horrid villains. Even different worldly creatures one doesn’t even want to dream about.

And Raimi is the master of combining horror along with weirdness and also other genres. So directing this movie is more of a cakewalk for him.

What is there in Raimi’s bag for MCU’s Doctor Strange?

We know that Raimi carved wonders on the big screen as he directed the Spider trilogy, and the characters were so compelling. The main attraction of the movie was William Dafoe, who played the role of the green goblin.

There were moments of laughter and dread; Raimi marvelously developed the film. William Dafoe’s vocals brought frights and fears inside the audience’s heads.

Whenever he switched from an ordinary being to the green goblin. Raimi will surely look after the MCU’s new horror and will bring villains on the big screen which the people have never thought of.

Sam Raimi can engrave horror and assemble creepy beasts that will rightfully fit into the World of Doctor Strange and the MCU, which has already seen and conquered creatures that are horrible to gaze at.

Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness

How magical and psychedelic the World is going to get in Doctor Strange?

As in the very first movie of Doctor Strange, it all relied on the VFX and digital effects. However, Raimi’s films depend on practical effects rather than VFX. Though he has experience in both, however, it depends on him he wants to do. 

Though in MCU, it’s all about digital effects and VFX, Raimi can decide to present a psychedelic horror with some VFX and practical implications. So it is undoubtedly going to produce an extraordinary aspect with some chills and thrills to entertain the audience.

Similarly, if he only puts up his classic practical effects, then the film turns out to be a classic artsy. The new Doctor Strange, along with the direction of Sam Raimi, will amend some new heights for the MCU.


Source: CBR, Gamesradar

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