Samuel L Jackson’s Best Characters – Ranked From Most Heroic To Most Villainous

Samuel L Jackson is the greatest <beep> of them all. He has played a variety of roles in his tenure as one of Hollywood’s greatest legends, including heroes and villains.

Ken Carter – Coach Carter

Samuel L Jackson plays the charismatic Coach Ken Carter. He is a basketball coach for a new high school team. But he is not your run off the mill coach. Coach Carter expects the best from his athletes both on and off the court. Apart from performing up to their maximum potential in a game, he expects them to maintain good grades in class. That is not something you would expect from a basketball coach of all people. Coach Carter shows some truly tough love but he does so because he has seen bad things happen to good children in his neighborhood. And he is ready to do whatever it takes to make a difference.

Mace Windu – Star Wars

One of the very fortunate few actors who had the honor of being a part of the Prequel trilogy, Samuel L Jackson stars as the Jedi Mace Windu. Mace Windu is a highly skilled and powerful member of the Jedi Order. He faces threats head on and is ready to deal with impossible situations if it means staying on the right path. He is powerful enough to bring Palpatine aka Darth Sidious to his knees. If he hadn’t been betrayed by Anakin Skywalker, he would have become a legend within the Galaxy.

Nick Fury – MCU

Nicky Fury is the thread that weaved the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. The minute he emerged from the shadows at the end of Iron Man, we knew great things are about to happen. Nick Fury was the one who spearheaded the Avengers Initiative. Despite his valiant efforts, we would classify him as a morally grey character. He also knew the government was trying to harness the power of the Tesseract to create Weapons of Mass destruction. He is more than willing to bend the rules to win a fight.

Jules Winnfield – Pulp Fiction

Samuel L Jackson’s breakout performance was in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. He starred as Jules Winnfield alongside Travolta’s Vincent Vega. Jackson played a remorseless hitman who had become accustomed to a life of violence and bloodlust. After a life changing event made him rethink his choices, he realized there’s more to life than a gun and a bullet. He would count as a true anti hero at best.

Stephen – Django Unchained

While himself a slave, Samuel L Jackson’s Stephen bares no expense at deriding and looking down upon the many slaves that work in Calvin Candie‘s farm. Despite belonging to the same race, Stephen has let power seep into his mind to such an extent that he has himself become a racist tyrant and a hypocrite who would do anything to ensure the Black Man stays down.

Valentine – Kingsman: The Secret Service

Jackson’s Valentine is a true evil but quirky genius. He is fun when it counts but he is brutal and ruthless. Valentine has distributed free cell phones all over the world. When he has achieved global coverage, his plan involves making the phones emit a certain frequency that turns people into violent killers. Despite his noble intentions of cleansing the planet, he is still a crazy mad man that needs to be stopped at all costs.

Elijah Price – Unbreakable

David Dunn survives a horrific train accident. He is the sole survivor of the incident. When he is contacted by a mysterious man named Elijah Price, things start to unravel. Price helps Dunn realize his true potential But the twist in the tale leaves us gasping for air. It was Elijah Price who was responsible for causing the train accident and a number of other heinous acts, all in the search of the perfect super human. He found David Dunn but in the process, he lost his humanity.

So which one of these is your favorite Samuel L Jackson’s Best Characters? Do let us know in the comment section down below.

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