Saturday Night Live is a late-night American live television sketch comedy. The credit to create it goes to Lorne Michaels. The show has a total of 47 seasons running successfully. Celebrities, artists, and people of importance open the episodes with a monologue of theirs. Of course, the show creates controversies with its scripts, but what else do these shows lead to anyway? However, the skits are harmless if we see them. The episodes are full of fun and can be a good way to relax after a hectic day. Usually, the celeb host plays a big role in the success of the particular episode. So, here’s a list of SNL hosts who nailed it and who failed it. Like, some of them understood the concept of SNL, while some misunderstood it making the episodes unbearable. Check it out! Also, you can mention in the comments your favorite SNL episode/Host!

1. Kim Kardashian (NAILED IT)

Kim Kardashian hosting Saturday Night Live S47E2
Kim Kardashian hosting SNL S47E2

KKW hosted the second episode of the 47th season. And, her fans went crazy to see her doing this and that too doing it brilliantly. This was just another avatar of hers. She showed the guts to roast her entire family in her monologue. Check out a snippet from her monologue below:

2. Paris Hilton (FAILED IT)

Paris Hilton hosting Saturday Night Live
Paris Hilton hosting SNL

Hilton hosting the episode proved that comedy isn’t for everybody. Her comedic timing felt short, neither her sketches were funny or interesting to hear. Moreover, her monologue was more about her dog’s cuteness rather than her jokes! Check below:

3. Donald Glover (NAILED IT)

Donald Glover hosting Saturday Night Live
Donald Glover hosting SNL

The whole episode was really funny and had good moments to remember. He appeared as a host and musical guest of SNL. He had great sketches, one of them being titled “Lando’s Summit”, a Star Wars sketch! Check his video below:

4. Tom Brady (FAILED IT)

Tom Brady hosting Saturday Night Live
Tom Brady hosting SNL

Another failed hosting was by Tom Brady. We won’t deny that there were a few notable sketches in his episode. However, overall he didn’t meet the expectations of being a host, that too of a comedy show! Check his video below:

5. Emma Stone (NAILED IT)

Emma Stone hosting Saturday Night Live
Emma Stone hosting SNL

You know a celeb nailed her/his hosting when they keep appearing in various seasons. Emma Stone is one of them. She first hosted in 2010 and since then she has come back to SNL time and again! Check her gig below:

6. Adrien Brody (FAILED IT)

Adrien Brody's SNL episode
Adrien Brody’s SNL episode

Well, he is the most infamous host of SNL to date AND has been banned from hosting the show. Why? That’s because he went rogue AND tried introducing the super famous Jamaican music artist Sean Paul wearing fake dreadlocks. That should be enough to make him the worst host. Check his video below:

7. John Goodman (NAILED IT)

John Goodman's SNL episode
John Goodman’s SNL episode

Goodman has hosted the show 12 times. Yes, 12. So, he was going to make it to the “Nailed It” list of Hosts. He even seamlessly impersonated Linda Tripp. His video is below:

8. Martin Lawrence (FAILED IT)

Martin Lawrence's SNL episode
Martin Lawrence’s SNL episode

Lawrence went off script during his monologue and started talking about the personal hygiene of women. SNL disassociated itself from his monologue and at one point in time, Martin wasn’t allowed to appear on NBC after this. Check his infamous episode below:

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