Wanda Maximoff is the main Scarlet Witch in Marvel comics. She has been portrayed in cinema by Elizabeth Olsen since 2014 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and currently stars in WandaVision on Disney +. here’s an intense and mysterious journey for Wanda Maximoff, who shares her identity with others without necessarily wanting to!


Who said you have to be a perfect superhero, far from any vice, to live a love story? Indeed not Vision and the Red Witch! Thanks to the scarlet witch, the vision android could feel like a human, which is undoubtedly part of this unusual couple’s charm. The two heroes even married each other at one time. Unfortunately, their romance only lasted a while, with the government capturing Vision because they saw him as a threat. Never mind, this couple will have enjoyed great longevity despite their differences.

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Captain America

Captain America is another possible suitor for Scarlet Witch. They are the only two characters who have always shared a special connection. Scarlet Witch is moderately reserved in the MCU movies and is very reserved. However, Captain America seems to bring her personality out of her. The two of them are aching from past issues, and they could indeed have made each other happy since they ended up together in a romantic feeling.

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Within the MCU, Hawkeye’s enduring marriage and family play a significant part in his storyline. We aren’t promoting him to have an affair here. However, in a hypothetical world, it is enough to pretend that marriage doesn’t exist. If it didn’t, then settling Hawkeye with Scarlet Witch would undoubtedly have made sense. He is the only Avenger who gives attention to her from the start. Of course, with his involvement in Quicksilver’s death, that could also be a way that they bonded and became close.

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Wonder man

Wanda had the most notable romance in the comics outside of The Vision is likely Wonder Man. Simon Williams and The Vision share a special but consequential connection. MCU designed the original Vision’s brain patterns after Williams, and he later was influential in the resurrection of Vision after he was disassembled. The relationship between the two men shared complicated things for Wanda. Simon was in love with her, and she saw many of the same things in him that she did Vision.

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A romance many fans surely want to forget is the foreign affair between Scarlet Witch and her twin brother, Quicksilver, in the Ultimate Comics universe. Ultimate was famous for embracing a darker sensibility than the Marvel line, eventually culminating in the Ultimatum storyline’s many disturbing moments. Quicksilver appeared to die in that event, but Scarlet Witch died earlier, killed by a machine that had fallen in love with her.

 10 Marvel Characters Scarlet Witch Had A Relationship With


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