Scarlett Johansson Teased In A Top Secret New Marvel Project By Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige has hinted at a “top secret” project involving Scarlett Johansson:

Kevin Feige hints at a "top secret" project that involves Scarlett Johansson
Marvel’s President Kevin Feige hinted at a “top secret” project involving Scarlett Johansson

Kevin Feige has hinted at a “top secret” project involving Scarlett Johansson for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Johansson first appeared in Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2 in 2010, and she played Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow for the whole duration of Marvel’s Infinity Saga. However, while the character’s journey concluded with her death in Avengers: Endgame, Natasha Romanoff’s tale was prolonged in this year’s prequel film, Black Widow, directed by Cate Shortland. The way Johansson ended her journey as Black Widow in the MCU was highly debated. While Avengers: Endgame received mostly positive reviews, the decision to murder Black Widow in Vormir in exchange for the Soul Stone sparked harsh criticism from fans. Furthermore, the Black Widow solo feature was meant to begin Phase 4, but it was repeatedly postponed owing to the coronavirus outbreak. The film’s hybrid distribution in cinemas and on Disney+ prompted Johansson to sue Disney for a loss of possible revenue. Many in the film business, as well as numerous fans, chimed in on the controversy, with many expressing support for Johansson. Fortunately, all parties reached an agreement, and Johansson stated that she was still open to working with Disney and Marvel Studios, which has evidently already occurred.

Last night, Johansson was named the 35th recipient of the American Cinematheque Award:

Scarlett Johansson won the American Cinematheque Awards 2021
A still from the American Cinematheque Awards 2021 won by Scarlett Johansson

Last night (November 18), Johansson was named the 35th recipient of the American Cinematheque Award. Marvel CEO Kevin Feige, along with past co-stars Sam Rockwell, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr., and Jeremy Renner, paid tribute to Johansson following her award. According to Deadline, during his comments on the actress, Feige hinted that the duo will be working together again on a “top secret Marvel Studios project” that has nothing to do with Black Widow or the Natasha Romanoff character. Continue reading for his other comments:

“For more than a decade, Scarlett Johansson has brought her talent and star power to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am incredibly pleased that she has decided to take such an important role in it for so many years. Working with [her] has been one of the most memorable and satisfying collaborative experiences of my career.”

Feige stated his intention to continue working with Johansson prior to the release of Black Widow:

Kevin Feige wants to continue working with Scarlett Johansson
Feige already expressed his intent to continue working with Johansson

Feige stated his desire to continue working with Johansson prior to the release of Black Widow. Beyond her role as the legendary Avenger, the Marvel boss emphasized how active she was in her own independent pictures. Johansson was not only a producer for Black Widow, but she also brought in Shortland to direct the film. The Disney+ release fiasco had not yet occurred at the time, but it now appears that Johansson was already in negotiations with Marvel Studios about this mystery new cooperation at the time. In any event, Feige apparently supported the actress during her lawsuit against the House of Mouse, and her relationship with Marvel Studios does not appear to have been harmed as a result of the issue. Since Feige has said that the new project has no link to the Black Widow persona, people will be wondering what the project is about. There’s currently a major effort in the MCU to place empowered female characters at the forefront of their storytelling, so it’s feasible that Johansson may appear in a new role under that guise in a movie or TV series. Whatever the situation may be, fans should not anticipate this enigmatic project being completed anytime soon. As it is, the MCU’s slate is packed through 2023, and the franchise still has a number of films and television projects in the works. Still, it’s thrilling to learn that Johansson will remain a part of the Marvel world after establishing her mark as the sole female original Avenger.

Source: Deadline


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