Sci-Fi Shows To Watch If You Liked Loki!

There are a lot of other trippy sci-fi series for Marvel fans to appreciate while they sit tight for the second season of Loki to show up on Disney+

1. The Prisoner


The Prisoner is a 1967 British cutting edge sociology fiction TV series about an anonymous British secret agent who is captured and imprisoned in what looks like an idyllic seaside village, where his capturers attempt to discover why he unexpectedly left his Job.

A portion of the more strange ideas in Loki, similar to the croc variant of Loki and the animatronic Time-Keepers, wouldn’t be awkward in the peculiar universe of The Prisoner.


2. Doctor Who


Doctor Who It’s about the adventures of a 2,000-year-old, flighty time-travelling researcher from the far off planet Gallifrey, home of the Time Lords. The Doctor, a Time Lord himself, gone through reality in his exceptional spacecraft, the TARDIS, an abbreviation for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.

Due to the concept of Time-Travelling and its goofy tone Loki has been contrasted with Doctor Who since it debuted.


3. Black Mirror


“Black Mirror” is a contemporary revamping of “The Twilight Zone”. Black Mirror is a contemporary British anthology series with stories that tap into the collective anxiousness of our modern society.

Black Mirror’s affinity for investigating dark imaginary worlds is like Loki.


4. Lost


Perhaps the most famous TV drama of the 2000s, Lost focuses on the overcomers of a plane accident who build up a settlement on a strange island and start to speculate that they’re not alone.

Loki’s long-running secrets, obscure associations, and wealth of unexpected developments are suggestive of Lost.


5. Westworld

The series is a shockingly thought-provoking take on a robot-swarmed Wild West-themed amusement park

In both Loki and Westworld, the characters’ world isn’t what they think it is. A couple of scenes in, they have the carpet pulled free from them and face a delicious existential emergency.


6. Orphan Black


The disrupting five-season run of Orphan Black starts with a young lady seeing the suicide of someone who looks precisely like her. Subsequent to expecting this current individual’s personality, she’s brought into a shocking conspiracy.

Like Loki, Orphan Black spins around different adaptations of a similar individual.


7. Red Dwarf


The quintessential mix of science fiction and parody, Red Dwarf is about the undertakings of lazy slob Dave Lister, the main overcomer of a catastrophe that killed the team of the Jupiter Mining Company spaceship Red Dwarf.

Loki is known for its sense of humour. It’s anything but an all-out satire like Red Dwarf, yet it shares the nature of not going over the top with itself.


8. Rick and Morty



Rick and Morty is an animated series about the multiverse adventures of Rick – a genius and careless scientist (psst.. He’s an alcoholic too!), and Morty – Rick’s Grandson ( also a 14-year-old anxious boy) who’s not so smart. Together, they investigate the limitless universes; causing mayhem and creating a ruckus.

There are so many similarities between Loki and Rick and Morty time cops, interdimensional entries, different forms of a similar person quibbling with one another, and so on.



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