Sci-Fi Vampire Movies To Watch Instead Of Morbius

Morbius the Living Vampire made his way to the theatres as Sony’s latest movie in its “Marvel” Universe. But fans and critics have been complaining about the film for various reasons. Some fans think that the fact it was closely released to Moon Knight’s premiere on Diney+, has affected the sales.

But many feel even Jared Leto couldn’t save the film. But few fans have actually liked the film and feel that the critics were too harsh. Nevertheless, if you didn’t enjoy Morbius, or plan to ditch it altogether, here are other Vampire films you should consider watching instead!

1. Blade – 1998 (of course)

Sci-fi vampire films which you can't miss
Wesley Snipes as Blade is hands down one of the best Marvel films

There is no doubt that Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man (2008) laid the foundation of MCU. But Blade was the film that got Marvel great success in the early days. Thanks to Wesley Snipes’ portrayal of the half-vampire and half-human vampire hunter, the film saw massive success, and trust us, it can’t get better than that.

Of course, we will be seeing a reboot soon and Mahershala Ali will be portraying the superhero and we are so damn excited!

2. Underworld – 2003 (cult classic)

Sci-fi Vampire films no one should miss
Underworld is one of the best vampire films ever made!

If anyone disagrees about Underworld being a cult classic, you need to stop being friends with that person. Kate Beckinsale rocks the role of Selene. Selene is a vampire orphaned due to a deadly werewolf attack. She works for a vampire clan and is trained to be an assassin.

The film is aesthetic and gothic and if it had been released in these times, it would have been more than 10x hyped.

3. Thirst – 2009

Sci-Fi films you want to not miss
This is a great Korean movie about vampires and gives a fresh touch to the genre

This is an old Korean horror film that you’d definitely appreciate! Sang-Hyun is a Catholic Priest and is volunteering to participate in a medical experiment. However, he falls severely ill and is saved by a blood transfusion… and becomes a vampire. He soon starts an affair with his friend’s wife and is trying to control his “thirst”.

This film is full of sci-fi details and you would probably find it more interesting than Morbius.

4. Lifeforce – 1985

Vampire Sci-Fi films
This sci-fi vampire movie is a must watch

The Eighties was a bit weird period so it’s not surprising that we have quite bizarre films in this era. But they are actually better than most of the films we have today! Lifeforce is one such film. During a space mission, British and American astronauts come across an alien craft. They bring them back to Earth and the alien appears to be a woman and tried to suck the life out of many people in London. Now, most of the town has transformed into “half-dead”. A surviving astronaut now needs to save everyone.

5. Daybreakers – 2009

Best Sci-fi Vampire films
A still from Daybreakers

The film has an amazing star cast and is backed with action. True fans consider the film as underrated sci-fi horror. There is a plague that is spreading in the world due to an “infected bat” and humanity is fading away as people are turning into vampires. (Imagine if Covid did this). Elvis is claiming that he has the cure to save the human race. We aren’t going to reveal much, but please don’t miss this film. Pretty please!

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