Season 4 Premiere of Rick and Morty Reveals Major Change

After a successful three-year run, Rick and Marty finally brought their Season 4 premiere to television. Sunday, the day it released, almost reaches the 2-year mark since the last airing of the series – the season 3 finale. With a new season and new episode, fans were introduced to whole new level of crazy ideas and developments. Episodes of Rick and Morty always stir up some form of insane methods for the running story line. However, the recent airing of the episode revealed something major for the status quo of the show.

Common story line in Rick and Morty

Common storyline in Rick and Morty
Rick always brings in his cousin Morty on all his wild and manic adventures

Ever since the premiere of Rick and Morty in 2013, a majority of the episodes followed very similar setups. It was often Rick wanting to pursue a task, adventure or mission, and then bringing in his nephew Morty into the mix. But now, according to the season 4 premiere, there seems to be a change in that tradition.

Details of Rick and Morty Season 4 Premiere

The season 4 premiere garnered a positive reaction from social media fans

The early moments of the season 4 episode reveal that the events from the season 3 finale are still in play. The scene shows Rick getting ready to leave his home and get his death crystals from Forbodulon Prime, and Marty with him. However, Jerry and Beth stop him just as he’s about to leave, with his daughter adding that “Dad, there’s a way we do this now.” With obvious reluctance, Rick grits his teeth and turns to Morty, formally asking the younger boy if he would join his adventure.

Aftermath of Rick’s New Rule

Aftermath of Rick’s New Rule
Season 4 of Rick and Morty will be split, with 5 episodes in 2019 and 5 episodes in 2020.

As their adventure continues, Rick ensures that his strong distaste towards the new rule was made evident. Rick visibly acts more reckless and erratic than his usual behavior. This development is formed after the duo’s relationship facing a fallout during the show’s third season.

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