Secret Invasion Will Make Captain Marvel A Super Villain

.r. That The upcoming Secret Invasion series being made by Marvel Studios is one of the most ambitious projects they have ever taken. And Marvel Studios has taken up and executed the decade long Infinity War saga. That’s saying something. The Secret Invasion show will tell us the stories of the Skrulls from their own perspective. And if that is the case, we might find this change in perception to influence the portrayal of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain Marvel, ladies and gentlemen, will most likely be portrayed as a major villain in the upcoming show.

In the movie Captain Marvel, we see Carol Danvers being used as a Kree Living Weapon. She is sent to far-off locations in the Kree Empire where she roots out and destroys pockets of Skrull resistance. Before she comes to realize just how wrong she and the Kree are in her ways, she has already uprooted and destroyed countless Skrull families. She turns her ways around, revolting against her Kree masters and helping the Skrulls escape tyranny. But this change of pace may not be enough. She has mended her ways, helping not just the Skrulls but other alien races find peace and solace. There are bound to be some alien factions that do not find her acts of redemption to be enough.

In the face of countless atrocities Carol Danvers has committed, she is still the bad guy in the eyes of many such races that faced her wrath. These complexities in perception could very well turn Captain Marvel into a major Villain in the MCU. Secret Invasion might be poised to do just that.

What Is Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion is a major Marvel comic Book crossover storyline. After Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four thwarted the Skrulls’ original plans to conquer earth, Marvel gave them a more menacing comeback. The Kree-Skrull War saw earth being caught in the crossfire. The Skrulls suffered devastating losses after their home world was consumed by Galactus and their remaining forces scattered all across the universe. This set the stage for Secret Invasion. The Kree-Skrull War had already highlighted the strategic importance of Earth to the Skrulls. So they focused their surviving forces to surgically infiltrate and take-over the blue planet.

Princess Veranke, a religious Zealot, had already predicted that the Skrull Home world will be destroyed as part of an ancient prophecy. When her words came true after Galactus destroyed their planet, she was promoted to the position of Empress. Empress Veranke ordered the Skrull forces to attack earth since conquering “a world of blue” was the second part of the prophecy. To do so, the Skrulls stuck to their strongest suits. Using their shape-shifting abilities and their advanced technology to create biological implants, they assumed the role of prominent Earth individuals. The transformations were so potent that not even psychic scans could detect a Skrull. The Skrull sleeper agent would believe itself to be a human being, only resuming their secret identities when a special phrase was spoken.

Secret Invasion led to a period of intense distrust amongst the superheroes of Earth. After the assassin Elektra was revealed to be a Skrull all along, superheroes were confused whom to trust and whom not to. This period of extreme paranoia was conducive enough for the Skrulls to strike first and strike hard.

How Secret Invasion will Play Out In the MCU

Despite the obvious differences in the back stories of the MCU Skrulls and the Marvel comic Book Skrulls, it will be rather easy to come up with a storyline for the series. A rogue faction of Skrulls could be at play here. Unbeknownst to Talos and his people, this rogue Skrull faction might be doing just what the Kree accused them of. On earth, they might have already infiltrated the higher echelons of authority over the years. Empress Veranke, the leader of the entirety of Skrull Forces in the comic book arc, could become the faction’s leader.

Apart from the Captain Marvel angle, a lot of other characters are going to be grievously affected. The revelation of this rogue zealot faction is going to change thnks. Talos‘ loyalty to his people will be tested. he will be forced to choose a side – either Nick Fury and SHIELD or the Skrulls.

Where Does Captain Marvel Fit In?

The primary motivation for the Skrulls to attack Earth in the comic books was because of an ancient prophecy. But since Disney has a history of political correctness, the prophecy angle will be avoided so as to not offend religious communities. The Kree were responsible for the destruction of the Skrull Home world in the MCU, not Galactus. The few hundred thousand Skrulls that survived dispersed into faraway worlds, using their shape-shifting powers to blend in. Talos’ impersonation of Nick Fury accidentally caused way too much damage in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Imagine what a Skrull could do if he intentionally decided to sabotage Earth’s operations.

This is from what we know from the comic books so fa. The Skrulls could assume the role of literally any superhero using their abilities. They could use their advanced technology to emulate any superpower. This would give them the tools they need to persecute any person they feel is a threat to the Skrull agenda or has wronged them. Captain Marvel was the most powerful member of the Kree Starforce. despite her also being a victim of Kree manipulation, she still took part in committing various war crimes, something she still hasn’t been held accountable for. When Captain Marvel came to Earth and became a well-known superhero, this might have radicalized the pockets of Skrulls living on Earth.

A Chance To Redeem Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers’ past as a Kree warrior is still shrouded in mystery. Maybe Secret Invasion will finally reveal the things she did in the name of the Kree. This could be a vital opportunity to rebrand Captain Marvel as a more relatable and flawed character. That would be contrary to the controversial “know it all” way she was portrayed as in the movie. Captain Marvel trying to right the wrongs of her past. The rogue Skrull faction doing its best to destroy their one true enemy could take the center-stage in the conflict.

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