Select Samsung TVs will not be available longer

Smart TV’s have become a must-have for many households. The TVs provide users with access to different services and apps directly from the TV so that additional devices are not required. But the integration is coming to an end for users or certain Samsung smart TVs. Starting at the end of this year, Netflix won’t work on some Samsung devices anymore.

Samsung TV
Samsung TV

The Expire Date 


The support for some smart TV applications expires on December 1, 2019— like Netflix— according to an announcement on Samsung’s website. According to the notification, some of Netflix’s latest features will no longer be compatible with older Smart TVs. The newspaper says, however, that owners of the devices affected can still stream Netflix, and only have to stream it via an endorsed device, such as a gaming console or media player. The notice below is readable.


The announcement

“There are many other devices that linked to your TV that some of our older TVs won’t be supporting Netflix anymore directly from December 1, 2019. Netflix offers a list of Netflix compatible devices. As long as you have a supported device such as a game console, streaming media player, or set-top box, you’ll be still able to watch Netflix

Samsung TV
Samsung TV

Consumer issue

Users of the affected Smart TVs have some resources, but it is not likely to go through well with consumers when using the supported device. Some users may have to invest in specially designed streaming devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire, or Apple TV, and they have a price tag–usually from $40 to $120. The downside for these apps is that they allow users to access several different applications so that support for other sites, such as Hulu, starts to dry up on older Smart TVs. But there are also challenges. Earlier this year, many DVD and Blu-ray players received Hulu end support.


There are, of course, other changes to the streaming landscape, which can eventually cause further challenges for some Smart TV users. There will be a whole new wave of streaming services. Last week, Apple TV+ started. After that, we’ll get HBO Max, Peacock, and possibly even more. The technological demands and requirements for television and devices will undoubtedly change as the streaming landscape changes.


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