Sequel Plans For Black Adam Teased by Producer

After wanting to play Black Adam for almost a decade now, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s take on the character is finally coming to the big screen this coming year. Johnson will not be the only superhero in Black Adam, as the movie has already confirmed to introduce a few members of the Justice Society of America and other DC characters. Keeping in mind, the long-running nature of the characters — and the ability of the superhero movies to spawn various sequels and spinoffs — fans have already begun to wonder what the future holds for Black Adam and his roster of characters. While appearing in a recent interview with Collider, producer of lack Adam, Hiram Garcia confirmed that is rightfully the case, given that the film is successful.

“100%. We have always had a vision of where we saw we wanted this to go,” Garcia explained. “We’ve never viewed this as just a one-off movie, I’m such a gigantic comic book nerd and fan, and I love this universe so much, if you can tell from my excitement about talking about all these things. I’ve always gotten into this with a vision of, ‘This is the story we want to tell, this is where we would love to see this go, this is how we would see multiple pictures play out, possibly including spinoffs for individual characters,’ but there’s always been a rough, kind of loose outline in our head on an imaginary white board of how we’d want to do it. As we’re making that, we start to look at that a little bit more. But, again, ultimately, we need the movie to be received well and we want fans to like it, but there’s 100% a vision of what we’d like to be doing in a multiple picture aspect when it comes to Black Adam and the JSA.”

This also echoes the comments that Garcia had earlier made to the outlet, revealing that there are “a few ongoing conversations” taking place with regards to the characters’ futures.

“There’s been multiple ongoing conversations on how everything will roll out and it’s very exciting for myself as a filmmaker but even more so as a fan,” Garcia told Collider last year about Black Adam’s place in the wider DCEU. “Unfortunately, I can’t speak to that too much because it is still in the works, but I can say that on our end we’re very focused on building out this world we’re creating with Black Adam and the JSA. Obviously, Shazam exists in that universe along with many many other heroes. And believe me when I say we have very big ambitions for all these characters and the storylines we want to take them through.”

Directed by Jungle Cruise‘s Jaume Collett-Serra, Black Adam also features Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fatte, , Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, and Sarah Shahi as Adrianna Tomaz. Uli Latukefu, Mohammed Amer, and Bodhi Sabongui, Marwan Kenzari, and James Cusati-Moyer have also been cast in currently unknown roles.

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