Seth Rogen Asks Fans to ‘Celebrate McLovin Day’, Fans Ask ‘Give Us Superbad 2’

In a recent event on Twitter, Seth Rogan quoted a tweet by UberFacts. It is a picture of the Driver’s License of McLovin (Fogell), a beloved Nerdy character from the 2007 film Superbad, directed by Greg Mattola. The post was captioned ‘Happy 41st Birthday McLovin’. Rogan, one of the co-writers of the film, quoted, ” As always, we must celebrate McLovin Day.’

seth rogan
Seth Rogan

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The Driver’s License depicted McLovin’s birthday to which the writer urged fans to celebrate it. Superbad is an American teen comedy film starring actors Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (played McLovin), Seth Rogen, Bill Hader, and Emma Stone.

About the film

High School seniors, Seth and Evan promise their love interests to buy alcohol for a house party. Since their underage, they ask Fogell to assist. Fogell uses his fake ID which indeed reads as ‘McLovin’ with the birthdate June 3, 1981. This is why McLovin and his birthday make an iconic remembrance in the film. Fogell is successful in buying alcohol only to run into a robber. From getting arrested to running into another party, is where the plot examines the high schoolers’ friendship and takes them through a lot of ups and downs.

fogell, McLovin, Superbad
Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fogell/McLovin in Superbad

The film gained a massive response after release and was especially liked for the humor, dialogue delivery, and the chemistry between the main characters. It was regarded as one of the best comedy movies in the 2000s. It also proved to be impressive at the box office, grossing over $170 million against the budget of around $17.5-20 million.

Will there be a Superbad 2?

A still from Superbad (2009)

Despite constant manifestation and interest fans in wanting a sequel of the 2009 film, Rogan has always shown disapproval in the same, believing it isn’t necessary. ” “100 percent probably never touched,” said Rogan, adding that the film does not “require improvement or anything to be built upon it.”  In a recent interview, Jude Apatow said, “I really wanted them to do a Superbad in college where Jonah flunks out of college and just shows up and visits Michael Cera at college.” The only way Rogan would be doing Superbad 2 is where he and Cera take shelter in their retirement home, ’80 and still single’.

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