MCU has introduced many characters to fans over the past decade. Now, with Disney’s acquisition of Fox almost done, we’re likely to see more superheroes and villains in the future. Even Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has promised fans that they will get to see different versions of popular characters in the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studio has also teased fans on numerous occasions. They have promised us many characters but unfortunately, they have never shown up on the big screen. Today we will discuss 7 MCU characters who were promised but never got!

7. Moon Knight

He was first meant to appear in Blade: The Series and later in his own series in the ’00s. He is a fan popular character and it’s shocking that he hasn’t made an onscreen appearance yet.

It was previously teased by James Gunn in 2017 that he’d be pitching a Moon Knight film to Marvel, but nothing came out of it. However, the character is now rumoured to appear on the upcoming Disney streaming service.

6. Miles Morales

When Spider-Man was set to make his MCU debut, many fans thought that it would be Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker. But as we know, Tom Holland was cast as Peter Parker, but there was an Easter egg in the film, confirming Morales’ existence in the same universe.

The hint was Miles’ uncle, Aaron Davis who was in the film. It’d be really exciting if Miles appears in the future.

5. Blade

The rights to Blade came back to Marvel in 2011 and it was reported by THR two years later that the studio is working on a new Blade script.

Wesley Snipes also confirmed meeting Marvel for the role. However, it was later cleared out by Kevin Feige thatvthe studio had a new script for a Blade film.

4. Kate Bishop

Hawkeye is seen as the weakest Avenger in MCU but with rumours that Clint will come as Ronin in Avengers 4, it’s possible that Kate Bishop also shows up and take the Hawkeye mantle.

Bishop is Miles Morales’ classmate, so this could also set up the possibility of Miles Morales in MCU. Cassie Lang is also in MCU, thus setting up the possibility of a future Young Avengers film.

3. Johnny Blaze

Johnny Blaze showed up briefly in Agents of SHIELD to pass on his powers to Robbie Reyes. However, fans got disappointed as many wanted to see his Ghost Rider version more than the Reyes one.

Ghost Rider can be expected to appear anytime soon in the future, considering its popularity among fans.

2. Namor

The rights to Namor were with Universal Pictures. However, as revealed recently by Joe Quesada the rights have yet again lapsed back to Marvel Studios.

Kevin Feige revealed that the situation of a Namor film is similar to that of Hulk. Perhaps Marvel is waiting to see how Aquaman fares at the box office before releasing their own underwater hero.

1. Wonder Man

One of the oldest members of the Avengers, Wonder Man has been around for a long time. It’s surprising that he hasn’t yet been adapted onscreen. Maybe the studio feels that the audience might take him as a rip off of Wonder Woman.

Simon Williams was earlier set to appear in Guardians Vol 2, but his scenes were deleted from the final version of the film.

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