The Titans have been around for a long while and have permitted the sidekicks of the universe of DC comics to appreciate the spotlight for once. In spite of the fact that the ongoing live-action show we are aware of had its principle five Titans: Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy, there are definitely more Titans included that have been around longer than we might suspect, with forces more powerful than we thought!

Most Powerful Titans

In the event that you have ever pondered who was the most dominant among the Titans, we’re here to settle that for the last time.

7. DICK GRAYSON (The Robin)

Dick Grayson

It wouldn’t be right to abandon one of the founding individuals from the group off this rundown. The Robins are some of the strongest Titans. However, Dick Grayson, who began it off, is certainly one to be figured with. Although no Robin character, including Grayson, have any superhuman abilities during birth. But they have all been prepared under the most perceived superheroes ever. And for this situation, having been prepared by Batman is nothing short of extraordinary.



Garth is another unique founding member from the Titans. Showing up as Aqualad, harking back to the 1960s, his capacity to control marine life and water makes him not just unique in relation to whatever remains of the group yet an urgent part with abilities the entire group can profit by.

Aqualad’s power is restricted to water. But it’s great to realize that Garth isn’t simply known for his water abilities but to play different characters also, including Tempest. With regards to Tempest’s superhuman strength and capacities, this effectively supports Garth’s evolution as a DC character.



Before Cyborg showed up in the Justice League film and being an individual from that very group in a couple of comics, he was a member of the Titans. Being cybernetically-upgraded gives Cyborg a high ground with respect to his forces. Not only is he unfathomably powerful, but also very knowledgable.

In addition to his physical capacities, Cyborg, being somewhat robotic, can fly and shoot guns. This is all while having built-in medical scanners, weaponry, improved strength and technopathy. This effectively makes him one of the most powerful Titans there is.



Donna Troy, otherwise called Wonder Girl, is a standout amongst the most members from the Teen Titans. In spite of her story being very mind-boggling and befuddling on occasions, she does have powers that are parallel to those of Wonder Woman.

It’s important to not let “young lady” fool you from supposing she can’t annihilate pretty much anything quickly. Despite the fact that she may not be as powerful as Wonder Woman herself, she has superhuman quality, speed, and toughness. Her battle aptitudes are breathtaking. Morever, her ability to copy sounds makes her considerably more extraordinary.



With a name like Beast Boy, you can’t picture somebody being too much of a risk. However we should not permit the word ‘kid’ to throw us off excessively. Beast Boy can shapeshift into any animal he needs. This makes his powers one of a kind and not quite the same as the rest of the characters. However, its the one that proves to be useful undeniably beyond what you would ever think.

Regardless of whether you should be as little as a fruit fly or as large as an elephant, these changes can overwhelm your rival with regards to battling. With a deplorable childhood, Beast Boy has a lot inside him that can be energized from his anger, making him significantly more powerful.



It is extremely unlikely we would make a rundown of the most powerful Titans without referencing Starfire. She is a standout amongst the most famous members from the Teen Titans and one that ought not to be toyed with, by any means. Starfire can assimilate crazy measures of energy and utilize that energy at whatever point she’d like, on whoever she’d like. This ultraviolet spectrum isn’t just a powerful asset but one that makes her emerge from whatever is left of the team.

The energy she ingests enable her to break down pretty much anything. And it also gives her some super-strength.



It is undoubtedly that Raven qualifies as the most powerful Titan there is to date. The half-human daughter to the extraordinarily incredible evil demon, Lord Trigon, is one character that unquestionably can stand her ground. Raven has plenty of enchanted and mysterious abilities that are at times controllable, can annihilate anything and anybody in her way.

Her abilities to transport, heal, move objects with her psyche, and control energy, effectively makes Raven a standout amongst the most powerful and amazing Titans there are.

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