Seven Villains Perfect For Venom 2 (Except Carnage)

Venom has received mixed reactions, from utter delight to outright dismissal. Most critics have been appreciating Tom Hardy’s performance as Eddie Brock and his strange relationship with his symbiotic half. Whatever anyone says, one thing cannot be denied that, in a modern-day superhero market where most of the things have been tried and tested, Venom does serve us with something different.

With a fair reception to the film, analysts are already speculating a sequel to the film. Now, if this happens, who will play the bad guy? This been said, we bring to you our list of characters who may appear as a villain in the sequel to Venom.

1. Carnage

Carnage made its debut in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 (#360). We already saw Woody Harrelson hinting at what Venom 2 can hold for the fans. This would be an interesting choice and while it looks clear that Carnage will be the probable villain, a lot can happen between films. (We still want to see him!)

2. Shriek

Shriek appeared in the “Maximum Carnage” storyline, where Carnage found his first ally as Shriek. The pair proved to be extremely lethal, and if Sony wishes to add more symbiotes in Venom 2, Shriek and Carnage together can cause “maximum carnage” in the sequel.

3. Demogoblin

Another member of Carnage’s team during “Maximum Carnage” was Demogoblin. He was introduced in #86 of Web of Spider-Man series. While it looks like MCU is still avoiding Goblins, Sony might make use one of their own.

4. Carrion

Carrion is the last member of “Maximum Carnage” team. Carrion is one of the clones who brought havoc to the life of Spider-Man. Transferring his story arc into the Venom verse would certainly open a lot of doors for Sony.

5. Knull

The new Venom comic series has introduced Knull as the God of symbiotes. He’s an ancient, tyrannical leader with unimaginable powers who in the current timeline is seeking to kill all rogue symbiotes. Sony can use this story and bring in Knull into the Venomverse for its greater good.

6. Grendel

If Sony decides to bring in Knull, they might as well include Grendel too. Grendel is a dragon-like symbiote that has been on Earth since ages. Its massive form would give a cooler look to the movie.

7. Kraven The Hunter

Kraven The Hunter has been rumoured to have his own spin-off film under works and it would make sense to introduce him through Venom 2. With no Spider-Man in this universe, Kraven’s greatest foe would be Venom.

8. Morbius

This is another character who’s spin-off is currently being planned by Sony. With Jared Leto already rumoured to star in the titular role, there’s a possibility that we get to see an antagonistic crossover. This will be extremely interesting for fans, as both these characters would end up creating one terrifying spectacle.

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