Seven Year Old- International Champion

Meet this cute, little, seven-year-old, champion of new Pokémon Oceania International Juniors ChampionshipsSimone Lim. 

Simone Lim
Simone Lim

Lim has seemed to come out of nowhere to claim her crown proudly. It was her first year as an international competitor. Most of the players can’t even imagine reaching in the toa p 10 in their first international competition. But Lim is not someone from most players.

Our Champion- Simone Lim

Simone Lim
Simone Lim

Simone Lim, who thanked her family, friends and coach, had competed against an opponent, almost double her age. With the Championship, Simone has also won a lot of hearts. We have love pouring for little Lim, from all over the world. Simone Lim has also ranked top four in Malaysia Regionals and at a Singapore Special Event.

The Championship

Simone Lim
Simone Lim

Simone Lim was the player who after winning the first match, lost the second but finally came back for an impressive finish.

Her Opponent

The talented opponent was last year’s Oceania Junior Champion- Justin Miranda-Radbord. Miranda had reached in the finals with hope to become the 2020 Oceania Pokemon Junior Champion. She has also been a regional champion for 21 times.

The Battle

Lim has scored the victory with the aid of her heavily injured Tyranitar. Her Tyranitar was facing down two opposing Pokèmons. In the final rounds when Miranda-Radbord chose to use Protect on Rhyperior, it made him immune to all attacks.

However, smart little Lim had correctly predicted this move and hence, instead of wasting the Pokèmon’s energy, she focused her Tyranitar’s attacks on her opponent’s other Pokèmon. This lead to the easy knocking it out of the other Pokèmon. She then’, ultimately finished Miranda-Radbord’s Rhyperior on the subsequent round, and sealed her victory.

Wrapping Up

We Congratulate Simone Lim on her surprising victory. The match has shown just how open and accessible esports can be, and in this process, Simone Lim has got undoubtedly, a whole lot of new fans.

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