“This is chaos magic Wanda, and that makes you the Scarlet Witch.” -Agatha


Among all of its success, sadly, there are several times that WandaVision has disillusioned us all. So today we at Animated Times are going to show fans 10 times where WandaVision has disappointed us all. So buckel up and let us go through the list together…

When WandaVision at first debuted, broadcasting its initial two episodes on Disney+ for its numerous supporters of the watch on January fifteenth, 2021.
WandaVision demonstrated to watchers why extending Phase Four of the MCU into the TV programs was a good thought in more than nine complete episodes.
Lamentably, as the show came to an end, it again let its audiences down.
Exciting storylines never happened as expected, brand-new characters flamed out, and invigorating thoughts added to minimal more than rude jokes. While WandaVision began inconceivably, before the finish of the show, it was simply standard Marvel fare.
Among its victories, tragically, there are reasonable several times that WandaVision baffled us all.

#1When It Completely Dropped The Framing That Made It So Special:


#2 The Show Became Like Any Other MCU Movie By The End:


#3 Every Villain In The Show Ended Up Fading Out:


#4 The Action Just Wasn’t Good Anymore:


#5 Refused To Commit To Losing Any Characters For Good:


#6 Never Fully Cleaned Up The Mess That Was Avengers: Age Of Ultron:


#7 Mutations Still Do Not Exist In The MCU:


#8 That Ralph Bohner Alternate Universe Letdown:


#9 Many Characters And Plotlines Fizzled Out:


#10 The MCU Still Has Not Proven They Know Where They’re Going From Here:


So yes, These are the Several Times when WandaVision Let Us Down.
I really loved Marvel being on Disney+.
But yes, these 10 times of wandavision really put me down.
What about you guys? What do you think?
Let us know in the comment section below?
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