Shakira Facing Crippling Career Suicide as Tax Fraud Case Calls for 8 Year Jail Term for Singer

Shakira has been going through a difficult breakup after parting ways with Gerard Pique. The two were together for more than a decade and even have two children together. Now, the two are involved in a custody battle over the children, but it seems like Pique might have already won. This is because Shakira is in big trouble due to the tax evasion charges on her.

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Shakira’s decision to reject the settlement offer by the prosecutor might have severe consequences

Shakira rejected the prosecutor’s settlement plea

The Latina singer is accused of committing tax fraud since she did not pay taxes between 2012 and 2014. According to the Spanish authorities, she owes 14.5 million Euros to the Spanish tax office. Recently, the singer rejected the settlement offer put forth by the prosecutor, and it seems like this decision might prove to be devastating for the singer’s personal as well as her professional life.

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Shakira is to go to jail for about a decade if found guilty

Shakira might end up behind bars

According to Reuters, the prosecutor is now seeking a jail sentence of 8 years for the singer. If the singer is found guilty, she will also have to pay 23.8 million euros. The prosecutors are arguing that the singer resided in the northern part of Spain when she got together with FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique. But despite moving, the singer continued to maintain her official tax residency in the Bahamas until 2015 and failed to pay taxes.

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Shakira’s lawyers believe that she is innocent

Shakira’s lawyers believe she is innocent

The date of the trial has not been set, but Shakira’s lawyers continue to argue that the singer is innocent and that the case is “a total violation of her rights.” Moreover, the singer has stated that she has already paid 17.2 million euros to the tax authorities and does not owe them any money.

Only time will tell if the singer will end up in jail. However, if she is found guilty, she will lose everything from her career to her children’s custody.

Source: Reuters

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