Shakira-Jennifer Lopez Super Bowl Feud Reportedly Started After Shakira Insulted JLo for Her Broken Spanish on Live TV

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are two of the biggest singers in the music industry. Both the singers are incredibly well established and well known throughout the world. Other than their profession, both stars have their heritage in common as well, as they both belong to the Latino race. Shakira was born in Colombia and is often referred to as the “Queen of Latin Music“. JLo on the other hand was born in the United States but her family belongs to Puerto Rico.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez
Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

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The SuperBowl Halftime Controversy of 2020

A few months ago when JLo’s documentary, Halftime was released, it sparked some controversies between the two singers. Jennifer Lopez said that she wasn’t happy with two people sharing the stage for the Superbowl Halftime Show in 2020. She did not intend this as an attack on Shakira, but meant that there was not enough time for the two singers to share the stage at the same time. She had discussed this with the Colombian star as well before, but the fans came forward defending Shakira and this sparked some major controversies between the two.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira
There have been some controversies between the two singers

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Shakira mocked J.Lo in the Pre-SuperBowl Interview

According to recent reports, it seems that there was already some friction between the 2 singers before the documentary was released. Before the SuperBowl, the 2 singers sat in front of 2 female hosts in an Interview. Shakira was reportedly trying to hide her grins and smiles when J.Lo was talking in not-so-fluent Spanish.

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J. Lo and Shakira
J.Lo was mocked by Shakira

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The On The Floor singer was explaining to the reporters what it means for her to be performing in the Superbowl in half-broken Spanish. She said that she used to watch the Jets game with her family when she was a child. She was trying to explain what it meant to represent women and the Latin community in front of the world. At one point, it was reported that Shakira broke out in laughter and was joined by J.Lo.

Shakira was trying to hide her laughter throughout the show. It is now being speculated that maybe it was Shakira who started the tension first by ridiculing J.Lo in front of the whole world.

Source: MARCA

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