Shakira Reportedly Caught Lashing Out At Paparazzi For Hounding Her, Constant Media Harassment After Pique Breakup

Shakira has two children, Milan, who is nine, and Sasha, who is seven, and she has hired two renowned lawyers to help her get custody of them. Both parties will show up in court to discuss who will get custody of their kids. Shakira and Gerard Pique announced their breakup in a joint statement last month after dating for 12 years. Gerard Pique was discovered to have cheated on the singer, which led to the breakup.

Shakira’s recap on the custody case with Pique

Shakira and Pique
Shakira and Pique, with their children. Sasha and Milan.

There have been many backlashes since the ex-couple decided to divorce after 12 years of marriage and the birth of two children. As the two continue to talk about their future with the help of their attorneys, there are still other issues that need to be resolved, notably with reference to the custody of their two kids, Sasha and Milan.

According to the YouTube program Chisme no like, both of their in-laws are dissatisfied with the divorce and have been making efforts to make amends.

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What the parents of both parties have had to say so far

Shakira and her mother.
Shakira, with mother Nidia Carmen Ripoll.

While certain family members, including her mother Nidia Ripoll, and brother Tonino, spoke to the media beforehand. Shakira made a gesture in front of the public. The Hips Don’t Lie singer’s mother shocked everyone by saying that she desires a reconciliation between her daughter and the footballer, even as Tonino indicated that his sister is in high spirits.

After making this final remark and speaking in front of the public on two occasions, Shakira asked her mother for privacy in dealing with the media. Pique and Shakira are hoping to find solutions to every issue arising from their recent divorce. Due to this, both have trusted two esteemed law firms with handling their case.

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Shakira lashes out at the paparazzi

Shakira and Pique could go to court to settle the custody dispute of the children

The singer was under extreme strain when an incident near her car prompted the singer to erupt and confront the media. According to Socialite, when she was harassed by reporters again for being surrounded by them, the singer confronted them from her car.

According to the Spanish program, Shakira made a gesture with her phone before picking it up and indicating that she wanted to record the other reporters.

Source: MARCA

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