Shakira Reportedly Had Secret Affair With Rafael Nadal While Pique Was Cheating on Her With Clara Chia Marti as Rumours of ‘Open Relationship’ Surface

Shakira and Pique’s breakup after 12 years and 2 kids surprised many. There were a lot of speculations by fans about the cause of the breakup, with the most popular speculation being Pique’s infidelity. Shakira’s song also fueled the speculations, and the fans turned against Pique. However, according to recent reports, the speculations were false, and Pique did not cheat on the singer.

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Pique dated other women with Shakira’s consent

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique’s affairs were approved by Shakira

According to El Nacional, the couple was in an open relationship, and both of them were free to date other people. Thus, even if Pique was involved with someone else, he had the full permission of the singer. Therefore, the rumors of Pique cheating holds no ground. Thus, the real reason for the breakup was probably something else.

Shakira also dated other men while she was with Pique

Shakira with her two children, Milan and Shasha

Moreover, there were reports that the singer had also dated other men while she was with Pique. There were reports that the Waka Waka singer dated the Spanish professional tennis player Rafael Nadal in secret. Thus, it is likely that the couple did have an understanding of an open relationship. Perhaps, the two wished to give each other liberty to protect their relationship from falling apart, considering the fact that the two share two children together.

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Shakira wanted to save the relationship, but Pique refused

Shakira desperately tried to save the relationship

However, despite the open model of their relationship, things did not work out between the two. Reports claim that this was because Pique fell out of love and couldn’t stay with Shakira any longer. El Nacional stated that Shakira wanted to keep the relationship from falling apart, but Pique did not agree,

“She proposed couples therapy, but he refused because he didn’t want to fix anything, he didn’t want to continue with her.”

The breakup definitely made things difficult for the singer considering that she is also dealing with allegations of tax fraud by the Spanish authorities. Moreover, the couple is also fighting over their children’s custody. Thus, things seemed to have turned for the worst within the span of a few months for the singer.

Source: Tennis World USA

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