Shakira Reportedly in Relationship With Spanish Singer Alejandro Sanz After Sanz Allegedly Hires Spain’s Two Biggest Lawyers for Shakira to Fight Pique in Court

Ever since Shakira got cheated on by her partner of 12 years, Pique, not only was the internet infuriated at the latter for being an infidel and his audacity to cheat on a drop-dead gorgeous diva, like the singer is, but they also started shipping the singer with various other celebrity men, who perhaps deserve her better. The list includes A-list heartthrobs like Henry Cavill and Chris Evans. Although those ships might not hold much water, there is one that might. And it’s with an old and reliable friend of Shakira.

Shakira has a potential new beau

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Shakira might find a new partner in an old friend

Shakira and Alejandro Sanz
That’s a loving stare if we ever saw one!

Alejandro Sanz is the latest potential beau for Shakira. An old resurfaced video of the two singers, back from 2000, shows what natural chemistry they share. The video is from the time that they were working together and a friendship was budding, maybe even a romance…

Shakira and Alejandro Sanz can be seen chatting up together. She talks about a song she wrote for Antonio de la Rua, her partner back then. And Sanz was fairly impressed with the track and compliments her profusely for the same. He was dating Jaydy Michel at the time.

A fun and covertly flirtatious dynamic ensued between the two and eventually, Shakira even proposed the idea of writing songs together to Alejandro Sanz.

The two musical artists collaborated on the song ‘La Tortura’ in 2005 and ‘Te Lo Agradezco’ in 2007.

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The fun and the flirtatious dynamic between Shakira and Alejandro Sanz

Shakira and Alejandro Sanz
Shakira might find a new partner in old friend Alejandro Sanz

What is also fairly noticeable in the resurfaced video is the ease and comfort with which the two share jokes and appropriate physical touch. At one point during their conversation, Sanz teases Shakira saying: “Hey, don’t touch me there, is sensuality part of your daily life or just your professional life?”

It is also known that at one point in time, Alejandro Sanz confessed to her that in the La Tortura music video, she seemed quite sensual to him.

Click HERE to watch the resurfaced video.

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Alejandro Sanz to the rescue

Shakira and Alejandro Sanz
Alejandro Sanz helped Shakira strengthen her legal team against Pique, also recommended she move to Miami

Another major, and frankly more practical factor that points to the rumors surrounding the two is that Alejandro Sanz was the one who helped Shakira with her legal team. She hired a highly reputed lawyer to fight Pique for full custody of her kids and to be able to take them with her and move to Miami.

Spanish lawyer Pilar Mañé, one of the most prestigious matrimonial lawyers and family law experts in Spain, became an important addition to Shakira’s legal team. It was Sanz who recommended Mañé to the mother of two.

International sources have also reported that Alejandro Sanz was instrumental in encouraging Shakira to relocate to Miami after her split with Pique, something the singer is now fighting tooth and nail for.

These hints point somewhere but we gotta wait. Maybe they are just really good friends, maybe there’s something brimming in the pot.

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