Shakira Reportedly So Scorned By Pique’s Cheating She’s Only Willing To Forgive Him If Pique Let’s His Kids Move To Another Continent With Her

Gerard Pique really dipped, according to the whole world, when he cheated on Shakira. Nevertheless, he has been jointly hated by the internet for his deeds, and fast forward a few months, he does not care anymore. The Barcelona defender has done everything anti-Shakira that one could imagine. He refused to let Shakira move to Miami with the kids and now he is gallivanting with his new girlfriend in public, indulging in PDA with no concern for how embarrassing it might be for his former partner. On top of everything else, the custody battle is turning ugly.

Shakira and Pique spotted having legal meetings over custody issue
Shakira and Pique were spotted at a legal meeting over their kids’ custody issue

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A settlement in sight?

A few days ago, it was reported that a legal meeting between the two parties and their attorneys ended up with Pique storming off midway. The reason was rumored to be the insulting terms and conditions that the 45-year-old singer proposed to settle the custody case.

Shakira, Pique and their kids
Will they come to a resolution anytime soon?

However, things are progressing as is clear from a recent sighting of the former couple. Shakira and Pique were spotted in Barcelona leaving a law firm. Reports suggest that the 35-year-old player and the singer met with their legal teams in order to reach an agreement, mostly about the custody of their sons, Milan and Sasha.

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Back when Pique rejected a fairly generous offer by Shakira

Shakira wants to move to Miami with kids
Shakira just wants a peaceful life with her kids now

While, it is fairly difficult to agree on common ground when the subject is as sensitive as one’s children, and the parents want to live on separate continents altogether, Shakira had made what some can dub a fair and generous offer. The YouTube show Chisme No Like reported that Pique blatantly rejected a multi-million separation agreement offer by the Waka Waka singer. As per reports, the mom of 2 had offered to move to Miami with her kids and take full responsibility for them. She relieved Pique of any financial responsibility for their sons, further offering to cover the cost of his traveling to Miami five times a year to visit them. In addition to all this, the kids would have spent the summer with their father as well. On top of all this, Shakira offered to cover 20% of Pique’s debt which is being looked into by Spanish legal authorities.

One can feel that this was a more than the generous offer on part of a woman who had been cheated on by her partner. But despite being disloyal and breaking the family, Pique has staunchly rejected any plea Shakira has sent his way thus far. Only time will tell if they can come to an out-of-court settlement after all, or if this is bound to turn into an ugly court case as well.

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