Shakira Spends Quality Time With Her Sons at a Baseball Game

The Colombian singer Shakira is seeking a distraction from her legal problems. She also recently separated from her partner, Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué. Seeking a getaway from all this, the singer spent a vacation with her sons in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. As per her Instagram feed, she recently visited Los Angeles with her sons and met the Los Angeles baseball team.


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Enjoying the Baseball Game with her Sons

Shakira shared an Instagram post with her sons and three Los Angeles baseball players. In this post, she thanked the Dodgers for making her kids feel at home. Shakira’s Instagram feed in the recent past has been all about her work, so a post with her sons stands out among them. She shared the same post on Twitter as well.

Shakira Facing Tax-evasion Trial in Spain

Shakira is facing a complicated trial in Spain for alleged tax evasion. As she is also going through her separation from Gerard Piqué, the tax evasion case may cause her to lose custody of her children. Under the tax evasion case, she may serve eight years in prison, after she failed to reach an agreement with the Spanish Tax Authorities for fraud of 14.5 million euros. 

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As per tax authorities, the singer committed six crimes. These include three crimes related to wealth tax fraud from 2012 to 2014. The other three crimes are associated with the evasion of personal income tax (IRPF) all while residing in Spain during the same period.

Shakira with her sons

Along with a possible prison sentence, the tax office has added a fine of 24 million euros claiming that she evaded her taxes. The singer still insists on her innocence.  Meanwhile, the prosecutors said that Shakira should have filed for personal income tax and wealth tax returns as she stayed in Spain for most of the year.

Source: Marca

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