Shakira’s Brother Tonino Mebarak Awkwardly Smiles When Asked About Pique, Proving Even Shakira’s Family is Tired of the Cheating Scandal Circus

Taking into account the Colombian pop singer Shakira’s recent dissing of Gerard Pique in her new track titled BZRP Music Sessions #53 and Gerard Pique’s befitting response to her diss song is like they both are striking while the iron is hot. Several lyrics in the song, BZRP Music Sessions #53, mock her ex-lover Barcelona footballer, his current girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, and his mother, but do not directly mention any of them. However, the Colombian singer’s song broke YouTube records, earning it the title of most-viewed Latin song, with over 63 million views in 24 hours.

Shakira and Gerard Pique
Ex-couple Gerard Pique and Shakira

Despite being dissed in Shakira’s song, Gerard Pique still managed to win the situation thanks to the sponsorship from Casio watches for his 7-a-side league. Furthermore, as the controversy surrounding Shakira has increased since the release of her new song, Tonino Mebarak, the singer’s brother, also get involved in the situation.

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Shakira’s Brother Tonino Mebarak Offers A Cheeky Smile When Asked About Gerard Pique

During the 12-year relationship between Shakira and Gerard Pique, Shakira’s half-brother, Tonino Mebarak, was never fond of the Barcelona defender. As reported, Tonino Mebarak was the first to notice Pique’s behavior was not entirely appropriate, given the seriousness of the relationship with his sister. Mebarak wasn’t impressed with the footballer’s habit of spending nights out and living away from his long-term partner. Ultimately, Shakira’s brother’s fear turned into a reality when the couple separated after 12 years of being together, during which they raised their two sons, Milan and Sasha.

Shakira with her brother Tonino Mebarak
Shakira with her brother Tonino Mebarak

Upon arriving at his sister’s mansion in Barcelona, Tonino Mebarak was approached by many tabloids and asked him about his sister’s song, in which she dissed her ex-partner, Pique. Mebarak offered a cheeky smile to the tabloids about the whole matter and gave no comments. It appears that the singer’s family is now tired of all these controversies surrounding her sister. It is widely believed that Tonino Mebarak is the singer’s right-hand man, and as a brother, he even manages some aspects of her life.

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Shakira’s Family Members: Who Are They?

In light of her dad’s health concerns, Shakira had to postpone moving back to Miami in 2023 as of now and her kids, Milan and Sasha, also resumed their classes at their regular school in Barcelona with left no choice to them. In addition to her Colombian and Lebanese heritage, Shakira shares Mebarak with nine living siblings. The singer is the only child of her parents, Nidia Ripoll and William Mebarak. Her father is Lebanese and was born in New York City, but she has nine half-siblings on her father’s side.

Shakira's Family
Shakira’s Family

Her siblings are Patricia, Robin, Moises, Tonino, Alberto, Antonio, Lucy, Ana, and Edward Mebarak. Most of Shakira’s siblings prefer to stay away from the public eye, as there are very few family photos of them. Following the split with Pique, Shakira was devoted to spending as much time as possible with her children. Due to her father’s health, she is currently holding in Barcelona, but she appears to be focusing on her career again. Nevertheless, she attempted to take revenge by dissing her ex-partner in her latest record-breaking track over his multiple cheating.

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Source: Marca


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